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Accredited Builders Company

(5 Rate)
Baharistan, Kart-i-Parwan, Kabul, Afghanistan
(5 Rate)
Baharistan, Kart-i-Parwan, Kabul, Afghanistan

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The only Accredited Company in Construction all over Afghanistan


Construction or construction-related services is a demanding need in Afghanistan after a catastrophic civil war. Devastation and debris of the war covered entire Afghanistan. Soon after the fall of the warlords, a desirous need for re-construction emerged. All, from an individual to government level, started to look for construction and rehabilitation of their homeland. This need resulted in encouraging Construction Services to get launched and re-build a modern Afghanistan. Speaking of modernization, the construction firms ought to be familiar with global......



Baharistan, Kart-i-Parwan, Kabul, Afghanistan ,25000
34.5331, 69.1661

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ډیر پرق پکې شته ماما! rnد پاکستان او افغانستان ترمنځ د تیرې شپې جگړه، که په هرډول نتیجې تمامه شوې وي، (چې تر اوسه یې کره رپوټونه نه دي ورکړل شوي)، خو یو کار یې وکړ چې هغه د افغانانو دروني گډې روحیې ته تبارز ورکول و. ولس، خپل شهید ونازاوه. مالومه شوه چې ولس کوم ډول جگړې او کوم ډول شهید ته، په درنه سترگه گوري او هغه سپڅلی گڼي. هاغه طالب چې پرځان بم تړي او په خپلې وینا، استشهادي برید کوي، د هغه مړی چا داسې نازولی؟ هرڅوک به خپل مړي ته شهید وایي، خو که وگورې: ډیر پرق پکې شته ماما! لامع


AERIAL ARTnnnAn ISAF Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk conducts an orientation flight above Kabul, Afghanistan, Apr. 19. nnnPhoto by U.S Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class (SW/AW) Kleynia R. McKnight


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