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AMERICAN INTERVENTION IN AFGHANISTANnnlate 1979, Russian soldiers along side with Afghanistan soldiers is fighting against the jihad terrorists (alkaida) and lately known as taliban, and Russia is winning the war, unfortunately cold war between America and Russia are boiling during that time, the whole Afghanistan is nearly liberates by Russia and that's not America wants to happen, so they sent their elite agents from the central intelligence agency (CIA) to armed the jihadist with money and weapons, and this is the taliban was born, federal security bureau (FSB) is an elite intelligence agent of Russia and can match the CIA of America, the FSB knows already the act of CIA in Afghanistan, to lessen the talibans, FSB instructed Russian soldiers to pounded the jihadist by bomber planes every day and some of the CIA of America tiers into pieces in the process, but America keep all the CIA who died in Afghanistan for supporting the talibans in secret, to counter the Russia aggression for air strikes, America made a propaganda stating that Russia killed dozens of civilians due to their airstrike... for more than ten years of Russia struggling in Afghanistan, 1989 Russia leaves Afghanistan because of unending America support for talibans... Remember that when Russia goes to Syria to provide military advisors, CIA of America creates the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist then they began to infiltrate Syria, this kind of action is not new to the FSB of Russia because America done it years ago, Osama Binladen become a CIA agent of America since Russian soldiers were in Afghanistan in 1979-89, America promised Binladen for whatever they said for his fighting against Russia but later on Binladen found out that America lied to him, September 11, 2001, the fall of twin tower the world trade center of America happened, if America let the Russia liberates the Afghanistan then surely the 9/11 was never happen, America revenge of what their fault, the war in Afghanistan is not for Afghanistan but its for America. To be continued.


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AMERICAN IN LEAVING AFGHANISTAN nnSince the beginning of 2001 more than 70,000 Afghanistan soldiers are fighting and dieing for absolutely nothing, they help America for all the way what America is fighting for, at the end America abandoned them without winning the war, unknowingly to the public that this is the top secret between US military and the American government to sacrifice Afghanistan and prepare for bigger war that America has to be face, the war against China, America is turned there face to south China Sea and over half of there military power are focusing in their next target, they pretend to help Afghanistan and gain their trust, central intelligence agency (CIA) of America is the only agency exercising their job entire the world funding by the government by trillions of dollars in every operation, CIA are everywhere since after World War two, they were in at North Korea, Russia, China, Iraq, Libya, Cuba and all areas that America's presence including Afghanistan, US military never failed in their job in Afghanistan - instead they sacrificed it for a while, if China minimize their military exercise with Russia then that's the time that America might says that "oh yes we must return to Afghanistan and liberate it from talibans",but no one said that one time America and talibans work together for whatever reason and after that America created the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists for whatever reason too, and again they do what they do and again and again. United States of America has no rebels in their own home, no militias. Without deploying their soldiers to other countries means their soldiers will be without experience or unexperience or ignorant for being a soldier and useless while they are receiving salary, like in China for instance, there are millions of active soldiers in China that receiving salary without doing anything, they are just eating and sleeping in their military camps because China is like America that has no rebels in their home country. Afghanistan is the American opportunity for their soldiers to be trained and gained experience in actual military combat. China and Russia holds large scale military drill somewhere that 10,000 China soldiers participate with it, this is what America preparing for it. The war in Afghanistan is not for Afghanistan but it is for America... To be continue.


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