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Allah And Muhammad S.A.W

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It's All about islam


Islam is a name of peace, Brotherhood, happiness . Islam is a perfect religion all in the world. And Islam is the way to get Allah and is the way to reach Jannah by Dikar , Praying and Reciting of the Holy Quraan and follow all of the Sunnah and Fard by left a Great , precious and our Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. which He committed All His life and fought for our Great Religion Islam not only by fight......



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Jummah Mubarak 😊 !


Just take a start with the Name of Allah❤, everything will happen well and you would never be the last.


If someone hates or ignores you, so you shouldn't do the same like them you have to bekind with them.


Everything You Will Get Soon with The Help Of God , So Be Patient !!


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