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Foreverliving pan,pumpi cidamna,vunhoih na,hoih na tampi atuam tuam ki ngah dg hi.


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Forever MPD puan sawp na leh innsung innpua hah siang na ding hoih mhmh hi.nAkizat theih na tampi om hi ,,,,n✅Puan te siang sakn✅Puansawp na set te zg tosakn✅Kisil na tub 🛁 te zg siang sakn✅Innsung zut/nawt leng siangsakn✅mortor sawp na zg kizang thein✅Mawza(sock 🧦)asiang hak te hih tawh sawpleng siang baih hin✅Kuang /meh bel te siang sak

2021-07-15 :) available in USA


Forever peach 🍑


Aloe peaches က ကိုယ္ခန္ဓာအတြက္လိုအပ္ေသာ ဗီတာမင္ C ကိုရရွိေစပါတယ္.ကေလးမ်ားအတြက္ ညဏ္ရည္ထက္ျမတ္ေစၿပီး အသားေရလွပဖို႔ႏွင့္ခန္ဓာကိုယ္ႀကီးထြားမူျမႇင့္ေစပါတယ္


Forever pomesteen power ih dawn na hang in ih pumpi ading ahoih na tampi teng in,n1)ih huih dik kicinghong ngah sakn2)ih sisan sung siang sakn3)cancer nat na zong hong daal sak hin4)numei te taaisung lam hat sakn6)ihvun/ih sa te etlawm sak mhmh hinAdeih te ading 🙏❤️❤️


Forever pan vaitamin -C te naupang/ulian te a dg hoih mhmh cidam na dg kingah thei hi❤️🥰


🐝Pollen count are hight,cut allergies short with forever bee pollen😚n🐝Works fast,stay strong,day after day😍😍nAnyone interested inbox


🌞ေနေရာင္ျခည္ေၾကာင့္အသားေရေျခာက္ေသြ႕တယ္nnေနေရာင္ျခည္ေၾကာင့္အသားေရတင္းတိတ္/အမဲစက္ေတြေပၚလာတယ္n😍nေနေရာင္ျခည္ေၾကာင့္အိုမင္းျခင္းႏွင့္အေရးေၾကာင္ေတြေပၚလာတယ္ nn😍အသားေရေတြထိန္းေပးမယ့္ forever sunscreen ကိုသံုးေပးဖို႔အေရးႀကီးပါတယ္ေနာ္


Forever super green


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