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Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands PAC

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(202) 830-0678
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(202) 830-0678

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We are patriotic Americans, committed to educating our fellow citizens about @realDonaldTrump's tiny


(202) 830-0678

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We've got a new thing in the works: https://polls.pizzannIf you hear about long lines to vote - shoot us a note and we'll get pizzas over there ASAP.nnSpread the word!


***n24 HOUR SALE: Buy our hat for just $24nnhttp://tinyhandspac.storenvy.comn***nnSome people are saying that the man who scaled Trump Tower today wanted a "personal meeting" with the Donald so he could get the true measurements of his hands.nnObviously, we can't condone such behavior. nnBut we are grateful that more Americans than ever are now trying to get a handle on this crucial election issue.nnTo help further spread the word we have decided to honor all you #handtruthers out there by putting our hat on sale.nnBuy our hat for just $24nnhttp://tinyhandspac.storenvy.comnnThanks!nnP.S. This sale will end in just 24 hours, so buy your hat today.nn


Some people are saying this guy is looking for #HANDPROOF.


By the way those hats and shirts mentioned in this video are on sale this week for $25!nn


What a loser. Sad!nn


Breaking news fellow patriot - the Hollywood Reporter and Madam Tussaud's have broken what may be the story of the century: Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands PAC applauds the brave work of Madame Tussaud in shining a vital light on the controversy that has gripped our great nation for the past two decades. Trump’s hand is finally on the table — and now everyone knows he’s barely got a pair of sevens.nnWhile Americans everywhere are celebrating the news, we all recognize the need to go further. Ms Tussaud’s figurines were crafted under the direct control of Trump — and a lot of people are saying the grubby little handprints are probably fakes.nnDo we know for sure that Marie Tussaud personally intervened on Mr Trump’s behalf to perpetrate hand fraud? Of course not. But it is suspicious that the Trump campaign isn’t addressing the rumors. We also reached out to Ms Tussaud to verify the original molds — and she seems to have no response either. nnWe need hard, physician-certified proof of Mr Trump’s hand size.nnBecause until we independently verify the authenticity of the replicas it’s impossible to rule out more of the same underhanded trickery that’s become a hallmark of the Trump campaign.nnAmericans need to know the truth — only then can this great nation rest easy knowing our potential Commander-in-Chief’s mitt measurements — only then can we be sure if Mr Trump’s been honest with the American people.


Join Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands PAC at Trump Tower in New York to demand #handproof


Bean-fingered Donald -- Makes History!


Donald J. Trump has refused to voluntarily release his hand measurements—so we are escalating our efforts to find out the truth by offering a HUGE reward for evidence! #HANDPROOF


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