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Amy-Lyne's Bucket List Destinations

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Welcome to my page everyone! Join me on my adventures to "1000 places to see before you die" by Patricia Schultz + many more!
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Stop #6 Vanco Tulips on Waterside Road in Pownal!🌷 These fields are beautiful, even on this rainy day.


Stop #5 was on Monaghan Rd and Mooney Road (Mount Stewart) to see the Canada Geese and their little goslings! (Make sure to keep your distance as they can be aggressive in the spring when they have their gosling).


Stop #4 Jewell's Country Market for some PEI homemade treats! (No ice cream or 🐐 goats yet though, too early).n


Stop #3 was Grand Tracadie Beach this morning (on Beach Road, Tracadie, PEI). One of my favorite places to walk the dog!


Stop #2 Howard's Cove in Western PEI. A little "throne" rock chair with some poems and letters in a baggy left for people to read, and the Howard Cove Lighthouse which is a historical landmark in PEI. Check out the history of this lighthouse


Yesterday brought us to a few new places. Stop #1 was Scooters Dairy Bar in Miscouche, PEI. Delicious thick and creamy Ice Cream and a lobster roll platter! @scooters.peinn


Destination #1, Prince Edward Island, Canada (Summer of 2020)


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