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Animal Restaurant

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A Business Simulation Idle Game that is easy but intriguing to play, affectionate but soothing to enjoy. ✉ Contact us: [email protected] ▶ Download now at ☛

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Owl + letter =?nBosses, which employee of the Animal Restaurant comes to your mind?nLeave his/her name in the comment area!n#AnimalRestaurant #cute


Here are the emoji avatars for you~nDori is so cute when he looks like this. nBut to be honest, Gumi would feel a little bit weird if JiJi did this face one day...🤣n#AnimalRestaurant #cat #avatar


The new arrival Gumi Plush Accessory in Pinkoi shop!!!nClick the link for more info👇n #Pinkoi #cute


We just can't believe that Seedy is such a romantic boy.nHe is so into his girlfriend~nDear Bosses, Happy Qixi Festival~nYou can download the HD version of the wallpaper(PC & Mobile) through the following link👇n


What Emoji do Rabbit Ding usually use? nLet's take a look together~n#AnimalRestaurant


Bosses, update notes for you(Version Number: 9.6.2)! n1. Qixi Rewards Eventn- Special Guests: Cowherd and Weaver Girl visit Animal Restaurant for a limited time.n- Mementos: During the event time, interact & play games with the Cowherd and Weaver Girl to get a high probability of obtaining last year's Qixi Mementos (Pink Mandarin Duck Pouch, River Lantern)n- Letter: During the event time, there is a high probability of getting last year's Qixi letter.n- Time: 8.3 06:00 - 8.7 23:59nn2. Added new facilityn- The Fish Pond Vending Machine is open for business! Random fish sales every day for a limited time (Specialty Fish not included).n- Sales Time: 8:00-10:00, 12:00-14:00, 19:00-21:00n- 2000 Stars to open.nn3. Optimization of magnet hookn- The magnetism of the fish pond magnet has been upgraded, and the magnetic range has been increased.n- You are 100% guaranteed to take down the first two prey that the magnet attracts!nnTips: Log in to the game to update~n#AnimalRestaurant


Travel with AnimalRestaurant!nGumi received lots of cute postcards all over the world.nAll staff of Animal Restaurant chose these 10 Bosses to send out the rewards. Congrats!nThe rewards will be sent through IG DM~nThanks for your participation again. Love U!n#animalrestaurant #event


It is not the most perfect summer if the A/C is not the perfect degree for me!n #AnimalRestaurant #cat #cute


Thanks to our cute boss [白川鏡] for sharing this cute photo with us!!!╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡nIf you want to show your fanart, please DM Gumi~n#animalrestaurant #fanart #cute


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