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Artzilla Sports

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About :

Artzilla Sports is about mountain biking, BMX racing, weight lifting and everything testosterone!

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ESPN interviews Arthur Quintero after the AZ BMX State qualifying race! Oh wait... that was his wife interviewing him...


Crazy run! Would you?


#southmountain #geometrong1 #envedhbars #tagmetals #manitoumezzer #canecreek #eewings


Check out this Trek mountain bike racing a Lamborghini down South Mountain! BTW: This is my riding buddy, Robert Knipe, on the Trek Bike. #mountbiking #southmountain #artzilla


I was considered "husky" as a kid. Maybe that's why I love to mountain bike!


Today’s ride down South Mountain - fast and rocky! Check out this chunky gnar that Rob Knipe and I ripped through. And we even passed hikers on the way down who were nice enough to let us fly past them without having to dodge bodies. #geomatrong1 #southmountain #mountainbike #arizona


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