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While the long-promoted Pacific Audio Fest 2022 has had several delays, the last week in July finally marked the 1st ever premier event for the brand new audio show. On this week's episode of The Occasional Podcast, Marc Phillips joins the fray to give all his impressions, overall vibe and best of show from the West Coast's newest hifi event located in Seattle, Washington....nn


Auralic has been quietly working on some new updates in the background of the pandemic, and the time has finally come for the big reveal. The latest updates include a new model for both the company's flagship digital transport (aka streamer only, no DAC) Auralic Aries G1.1 and their full streaming device (analog outputs included) Altair G1.1. The big updates for both products in the G1.1 series now include a new silver base which provides a nice contrast within the aesthetic as well as more isolation and vibration damping....nn


The inbox that houses new product releases hasn't been dormant per se, but rather just suffering from some annual, mid-summer slowdown the past few months. That all ended with July, as this week has erupted in a cornucopia of corporate press copy that brings a new speaker line, a new open back headphone and two new balanced turntables. First up is France-based Revival Audio with their new lineup of ATALANTE speakers....nn


As I've stated in the previous posts from Schiit Audio and Emotiva, the Schiit Emotiva Texas Audio Roundup last weekend turned out to be much more than just a new product showing from these two brands. Nearly 3 floors of audio gear made their way into the Double Tree Suites in Austin, packed with both headphone and two channel gear, sometimes working in parallel with each other....nn




The Schiit Emotiva Texas Audio Roundup this weekend in Austin marked a mild shockwave of product releases, especially for those looking to dive deeper into the hifi hobby than a mere passing glance. Both Schiit and Emotiva are known for providing a solid stable of products for buyers looking to either get into high fidelity for the first time, or taking that first big dip into something more intricate than the entry-level starters....nn


The Schiit Emovita Texas Audio Roundup took place this weekend in Austin. Along with the two headlining brands, a whole slew of personal audio and two channel audiophile favorites turned up in the 104 degree heat to have a good time, listen to some eclectic tunes and show off some new gear. The good news was the hotel was pumping a solid 72 of AC indoors, so the environment was as comfortable as the overtly friendly vibe that permeated the hallways....nn


Live walkthrough from the Schiit Audio and Emotiva Audio Audio Roundup in Austin.


Schiit Audio launches the Freya Noval tube pre amp It has been discussed on many occasions, but like traffic in Los Angeles - the world's supply of tube has the capability to ebb and flow... (and/or stop completely). Even though there has been a few market freakouts, the supply and resulting cost per tube has realistically only gone up a small margin, for now....nn