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Hello everyone, we share motivational content related life, money and inspiration. and we love to he

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He Accidentally Reveled His secret to success | Elon Musk |Motivationnn#billionairebillboard #billionaire #billboardbillionaire, billboard, billionaire billboard,Elon Musk,Motivation,video advice,video advic elon,video advice elon musk,elon musk video,elon musk hack,elon musk secret hack,elon musk it take more mental energy,mental energy elon musk,elon accidentally reveals,billionaire lifestyle,life of billionaire,billionaire motivation


Elon Musk's Funniest moments! A genius in business, technology and humor!nSometimes Elon Musk will go the extra mile to get a laugh. Here’s a collection of his funniest moments.n#billionairebillboard #billionaire #billboard nbillionaire,billboard,billionaire billboard,elon musk,elon musk funny compilation,elon musk funny interview,elon musk interview,elon musk moments,elon musk funny video,elon musk hilarious,elon musk best moments,elon musk meme review,elon musk motivation,elon musk mars plan,elon musk joe rogan,elon musk compilation,elon musk funny presentation,elon musk laughing compilation,elon musk interview funny,elon musk genius moments,elon musk funny


How to make 6 figures a year in 5 steps. This guide on how to earn 6 figures a year comes from analysing a large amount of entrepreneurs who are currently making 6 figures a year or higher, and allows you to make 6 figures a year by following these core principals. This 'how to make 6 figures a year' guide is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, and once these foundations are laid, you will be in a position where long-term you can be making 6 figures a month instead!nnSix Figure Income: 5 Steps to building wealth - Entrepreneurial Spirit | Strategic WealthnHow to make 6 figures a year in 5 steps. This guide on how to earn 6 figures a year comes from analysing a large amount of entrepreneurs who are currently making 6 figures a year or higher, and allows you to make 6 figures a year by following these core principals. This 'how to make 6 figures a year' guide is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, and once these foundations are laid, you will be in a position where long-term you can be making 6 figures a month instead!nnIf you found this 5 steps to 6 figures useful, please feel free to subscribe for more videos on making money coming very soon


The Richest Man In History: A Story of Emperors, Trillionaires & MagnatesnThis video covers the richest people in history & the wealthiest people of all time.nQuestion: Who was the richest person to ever live? Literally the richest man in the world ever?!nnWell, the richest man in history (or the richest man to ever live) is actually an ongoing debate, because calculating who was the richest man of all time isn’t easy. Some people disagree about who the richest man of all time is. So this documentary on the richest people in history will look at several candidates for the richest person in history.nnBased on the data available about the richest person in history, I’ve compiled this list to try and answer who could have been the richest man ever. But if you have some other suggestions of who the richest person ever actually was; please comment below. nnMagnatesMedia makes mini-documentaries on business, wealth & more - and lots of new videos are on the way. This channel was formerly called John Frazer - Young Magnates, but switched to MagnatesMedia to reflect the more professional documentary style (partially inspired by James Jani). nnThe current richest people in the word, like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, all have fortunes worth well over 100 billion dollars. And yet, if we account for inflation, their wealth is not even close to making them the richest people ever. So today, we’re delving into the past to explore the richest people in history, and how they made their unthinkably large fortunes.nnAnd our first candidate for the richest man in history is John D. Rockefeller, the oil magnate that’s widely considered the richest American of all time, with an approximate net worth of around 400 billion dollars in today’s money, even after giving a substantial amount of his fortune away.nnAnd yet, he started from very humble beginnings. He was born into a large family, with a father who was frequently absent and was regarded as a con-man who sold worthless potions. So, from a young age, John need to help provide for the family, and took on odd jobs, like looking after the neighbours turkeys, or selling potatoes and candy. nnEven though these things didn’t pay a lot, John was really good at them and worked hard, and so he was able to save enough money to start offering small loans to other people. So even as a young boy that entrepreneurial instinct was there. But, whilst Rockefeller was incredibly wealthy, who was the richest person ever if we adjust for inflation?nnQuick note about the richest people of all time: the further back in history we go, the harder it is to definitively rank wealth. When we’re talking about modern history, it’s a lot easier - for example we can say with a good level of certainty that:nnAndrew Carnegie had an empire worth around 310 billion dollars, as he founded the Carnegie Steel Company, which later became U.S Steel, the first billion dollar company in the world.nnWe also know for sure that Henry Ford had an empire worth around $200 billion dollars when he died in 1947, as he founded Ford Motor company and pioneered assembly line mass production. Although that's not enough to make him the richest man in history!nnAnd so with businessmen like that it’s much easier to calculate their wealth; but once we start talking about the value of owning countries and land, things get a little blurrier. nnWe'll continue our list of the richest people ever, by delving into the life Mansa Musa, who some argue was the richest man in the world ever. We'll first ask what was mansa musa net worth, and then understand the story of Mansa Musa. nnWe'll then travel back in time further to explore the lives of some of the other richest people of all timennI hope you find the lives of the richest people of all time as interesting as I did.nnPlease let me know your thoughts on this video (the all time rich list) - I read every comment!nWho is the richest person ever? Who is the richest person to ever live? (The richest people in history). If you've ever wondered that, this is the documentary for you!


This is What they don't tell you | Secret to the life you want | Robert Kiyosaki | Motivationn---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------___________________________________________________________________________nRobert Toru Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author. Kiyosaki is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videosnKiyosaki is the author of more than 26 books, including the international self-published personal finance Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books which has been translated into 51 languages and sold over 41 million copies worldwide.n---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------n___________________________________________________________________________nnThis Video is created for purely educational purpose only. we want to educate our audience about finance and cash flownwe want to educate our society financially for better future. in future finical education is one of the best education to make the dream life you want come true..


If You Could Do This One Thing, I Assure You Can Make Lots Of Money | Warren Buffet |MotivationnnFirst Subscribe to our channel - Edward Buffett is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is currently the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.nKnown as the "Oracle of Omaha," Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors of all time.nBuffett runs Berkshire Hathaway, which owns more than 60 companies, including insurer Geico, battery maker Duracell and restaurant chain Dairy Queen.nThe son of a U.S. congressman, he first bought stock at age 11 and first filed taxes at age 13.nHe has promised to donate over 99% of his wealth. So far he has given more than $41 billion, mostly to the Gates Foundation and his kids' foundations.nIn 2010, he and Bill Gates launched the Giving Pledge, asking billionaires to commit to donating at least half of their wealth to charitable causes.n---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------___________________________________________________________________________n In this video he talks about his basic strategy for investing in the stock market, which many people don't do. nwatch this video till the end, to learn the investing strategy from greatest, Investor of all timennNote -- This video is made for purely education purpose only, and we have added our own value for better understanding of audience. nn We want to make more awareness about finance/money in our audience. if you want to become more aware about finance world subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon 🔔 for instant notifications. nn#billionairebillboard #billionaire #billboard #English #warrenbuffet


One of the Greatest Speeches Ever | Jeff BezosnJeff Bezos's Life Changing Advice (Must Watch!!) The $160 billion dollar man share's his greatest advice with you.nnSubscribe for new Motivational Speeches and videos from the greatest minds every day nn►Speech: nnJeff BezosnnBezos is the CEO and Chairman of Amazon and one of the richest person alive (2021)nnFollow Jeff:n►Copyright disclaimer:nThis video was fully edited by the team at Billionaire Billboard. Parts of this video were licensed for educational purposes. n#billionairebillboard #billionaire #billboard


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