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Welcome to the weekly news update of Top Market Coins.n#crypto #cryptonews #btc #eth #TMC #SAGI #FARMA #SILVER #ACOT #ANIT #ACGT #QFS #QTS #topmarketcoinsn Are we about to enter a bear market or is the bull market back?n In today’s video we will focus on the cryptocurrencies that are a good hedge to hold in order to prevent us from the inflation of the global finance market.nCryptocurrency trading is getting more and more popular with every changing day. nFrom the beginning of the year many global events took place- Russia invaded Ukraine, the Federal Reserve announced at least six rate hikes and there were lots of things happening in U.S. and European Union regulation and these facts definitely will reflect on the course of the global economy. So let’s go ahead…and focus our attention to the cryptocurrencies that are good for hedge.nNumber 1. BitcoinnMajor Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are one that stands out in the market. nTrack its price 24/7 at Top Market Coinsn 2. Ethereum nIt is the second most popular crypto after the BitcoinnTrack its price 24/7n 3 ACOT, ACGT, SILVER - crypto pegged by bullions. With the rising instability in the financial world and war ongoing, investors are reaching for less volatile crypto in the market. Traditional stable coins are fighting to keep their high piece of the market but inevitably they are dependent on the fiat itself. Anax Coin Ounce Token is pegged of physical gold value of 1 ounce of pure gold, Anax Coin Gram Token is pegged of physical gold of 1 gram investment gold too, Silvergate Or Silver is pegged of 1 ounce pure silver. What better way to protect your assets in traditional way combined with new digital technology era?nTrack their price 24/7 at Top Market Coinsn Number: FARMA and SAGI- tokens directly exposed to food and healthy nutrition. With the upcoming global famine crisis it’s impossible not to pay attention to tokens connected with food production. Connection between producer and end customer through blockchain has never been easier than these days. Allowing application to track the products, these tokens are used as store of value for base products in our daily menu.n Track their price 24/4 at Top Market Coinsn 5.nQFS and QTS- entering the new era of digital communication and finance transactions, these 2 tokens provide exposure to the quantum financial system and technology. nQuantum financial system is a modern form of financial services that uses the technology behind blockchain to create a platform for global peer-to-peer payments. The use cases of quantum financial system are their ability to provide real-time transactions with no transaction costs, transparent credit ratings, and fast transaction processing. Assets are being linked to commodities, physical goods, bullions.nThe quantum technology can be implicated in all the fields of technology, biology, medicine as well as finance, opening the field to new innovations and researches by the scientists. nTrack their price 24/7 live at Top Market Coinsn units of cryptocurrencies can be referred to as coins or tokens, depending on how they are used. Some are intended to be units of exchange for goods and services, others are stores of value, and some are mostly designed to help run computer networks that carry out more complex financial transactions. You can choose to diversify your portfolio in a way you can get exposure to all the assets mentioned with your free account in Top Market Coins.nSign up today and start exploring.n more:nFollow us on Instagram: @topmarketcoins n @topmarketcoins nYoutube:


QFS literal meaning is Quantum Financial System, which is an advanced financial system launched to eradicate monopoly on monetary system and for that purpose, a system comprises of Artificial Intelligence and complex computer programs fully backed by banks is needed. Quantum Financial System would be a breakthrough in the world of banking which will lead to a new era of banking. QFS will not be influenced by Government policies, rather it will be entirely backed by tangible assets like Gold, Platinum, Oil and will not be based upon mere piece of papers which have no evidentiary value.nIts native token is QFS, which will play an important role in projects being developed in the new quantum financial system. Since QFS has been listed in Top Market Coins it has made an outstanding performance as immediately involved the interest of various investors. Track live its price 24/7 n the standard model of banking, money is recognized in three different forms: commodity money, fiat money, and fiduciary money.nWe have also seen the rise of cryptocurrencies in the past decade, but it is not yet widely recognizable. It’s a digital payment system that doesn’t have any central issuing or regulating authority. Instead, it is based on a distributed public ledger known as the blockchain, a record of all transactions held by currency holders.nQuantum money takes things to the next level. It applies quantum cryptographic protocol to generate and validate currencies. Since arbitrary quantum states cannot be perfectly copied, it is impossible to forge quantum money.nThe idea looks great on paper, but it is not feasible to implement with current technology. This is because quantum money requires to store the arbitrary quantum states in quantum memory, a quantum-mechanical version of conventional computer memory. This where the implement of quantum technology system is required and this is the second project we focus on in our weekly review.nQTS (Quantum Technology Systems)nFollowing the success of QFS, another token supporting the development of the future of finance and technology has attract the investors as well and this is Quantum Technology Systems. QTS is a native token of projects directly involved in the revolution of medicine, technology, computing power in all fields of industry worldwide.nTrack QTS price live 24/7 at TOP MARKET COINSn more:nIf you want more of us: n us on Instagram: @topmarketcoins n @topmarketcoins n page:






At the spot of this week overview we go ahead with the ongoing war in Ukraine- restrictions and banns in the world of crypto. How world largest centralized exchanges respond?n#topmarketcoins #TMC #cryptonews #ACOT #goldcoins #crypto #starlink #russia #ukraine #war #finance #inflationn* Visa and Mastercard suspend service in Russia, Russian banks turns to Chinan* GLOBAL CRYPTO EXCHANGES RESIST CALL TO BLOCK RUSSIAN USERS SO FARn* Elon Musk says Starlink was told to block Russian news sources but it will not do so unless forced 'at gunpoint'n* Opensea and Metamask blocking and deleting accounts of usersn* Gold pegged token ACOT has reached all time high with the rise of inflation rates and more investors searching traditional way to protect their assets in February and March 2022nWith the unstable situation and world peace lost, Top Market Coins confirms huge moments in the volume of ACOT tokens and investments in it. In the past month February the token has reached all time of 50 billion USDT.nGold was launched at $ 1,984 - Now up to $2,000nGold price boom led to Russia's invasion of Ukraine as investors turn to safer investment shelters amid increased volatility.nGold market analysts now believe that the precious metal will soon reach $2,000 an ounce.nAn important parameter is the depth of the sanctions that will be imposed by the West in Moscow and to what extent Europe's energy supply will be affected, which would drive even higher prices of oil and gas by fueling inflationary pressures.nAs long as markets accelerate disruptions in the supply chain and therefore higher inflation the price of precious metal will continue to move upwards.nWhat makes sense is that gold has been preferred in recent days by investors but in the form of its adoption as crypto asset. There's no surprise that we see the gold pegged ACOT token, has made volume by 50 billion USDT only in February and the investors interested has been increased in March.. Traditional investors are choosing innovative way to protect their wealth. Track price of ACOT live at Top Market Coins 24/7n* Rise in adoption of cryptocurrencies we see this week too with Swiss city Lugano adopting payments in USDT, BTC, LVGAn* How the war in Ukraine could impact the bills- Analysts no longer forecasting inflation to slownnDiscover more:nIf you want more of us: n us on Instagram: @topmarketcoins n @topmarketcoins n page: