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Billionaire Tremayne

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About :

I am a global entrepreneur on a mission to positively impact 1 billion lives through my life's work.


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We believe this will hurt New York more than it will help.


Absolute melting pot of talent and excellence. Love my IM family. The best in the industry. 🔥🔥🔥


Ever since I decided to limit the number of people I work with in a 90 day period, I have never felt better about pursuing the vision. Having a heart to see people flourish while receiving everything that you personally desired is the best way to grow in my humble opinion. nnThat's why I am excited to announce that limited spots of 20 prospective partners are open for this powerful 4 day event happening as March begins. nnAdopt a system that you can follow that can potentially:n⚜️help you make your job optional.n⚜️help you become financial independentn⚜️help retire your parentsn⚜️help you secure that dream home, car or vacationn⚜️free up your time so you can spend more time with your family.nand much more


Everyone can talk a good game, but documentation beats conversation all the time.nnWhere else you can level up 40X YOY??nnWe play chess over here while everyone else is still playing checkers.


To all the people I have had the privilege with connecting over the world over the last 5 years, to friends, family, well wishers, lifetime partners, I want to say thank you for being a part of the journey. Another year completed, a new year is upon us. For the past couple years, I discovered that God gave guiding words that were so direct over the last 5 years. In 2017 I received the words "Do not let the cost, cost you the vision", 2018 and 2019 was "Make your job optional", in 2020 it was "The greatest time for clarity of vision" and in 2021 was "Win in 2021 and Beyond". So I asked the Lord to mercifully show me what I need to know in 2022 and what he shared blew my mind. I already knew that 2022 is the year of the double but the double will not come without a fight. U will have to take it boldly and there is a process. This is the message for 2022. "Your reward is stored up in your defeated enemies" Stay tuned as we unpack this promise. The audio accompanying this New Year Post is Eric Thomas's "Set the Standard". I felt it appropriate to share to you as we start this year.


Next 12 months will be greater than all the years from the day you born till today!nnMy take away over 4 decades:nnDo not wait until you do everything to then enjoy certain things but rather enjoy those things today and it will lead to everything you ever dreamed of. 💯🤟🏼🙌🏽


Happy Thanksgiving.


Alex @alexmortonmindset gets real estate on my socials anytime.nnHop on the live if you are seeing this as it is posted. nnStories also has highlights


Will not be first time i said whats coming next.nnShiba doing its thing...for now.nnBTC has another correction to endure..nnMood: Feeling cryptoish but bored at the same time. 🥱nnBtw click on the bio to know whats happening next