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Billm Audio

(381 Rate)
(551) BluesJr
(381 Rate)
(551) BluesJr

About :

Welcome to the new Facebook front of Billm Audio! Thanks for checking us out!


Roughly a decade ago, a man's son and wife bought him a Blues Jr for Christmas. It was exactly the gift he wanted. He grinned from ear to ear as he plugged in to it and his family watched his face fall as he struck his first chord. Why was the amp so much darker and muddier than what he'd experienced in the store?! After some research, he learned that he had an older model circuit board in his amplifier than......



(551) BluesJr

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Wimpy stock transformer got you down? Upgrade your iron! The beefy TO20 and 20b are back in stock! nnTp24s are expected late this week ;) nn#bluesjr #fenderbluesjr #fenderexcelsior #fendersuperchamp #projunior #allenamps #allenamplification #billmaudio #tubeamp


Our employee-of-the-month looks concerned about the Frankenstein's monster I've made of dad's #fender #excelsior.


100% spot on once again! Swipe to see the creatures assisting me in the workshop this weekend.nComic: @nathanwpylestrangeplanet


Praise be unto Allen Amplification! A 55 lb box of TO20s and TP24s has just arrived at the Billm workshop!


I keep forgetting to put 'must have opposable thumbs' in the employment ads.


repost from @32elvismoviesin1 Weekend project #1: replace the bright/dark switch on my Fender Excelsior amp with a proper tone knob. It really opens up the amp, but the best part is the bypass switch with a swell midrange kick. Bonus: I used a soldering iron for the first time and didn't burn anything down. Mod kit by @billmaudio courtesy xmas gift from @cora_cake #fenderexcelsior #fenderamp #tubeamp #gearybusey #soldering #solderingiron #ampmod #guitar #fender #tremolo #tone #volume


repost from @brennrossdognFinally got around to swapping the lousy stock output transformer in my Blues Junior the for wonderful BillM/ David Allen / Heyboer TO20B. What a fantastic difference in bass response and overall performance. Pretty easy install too, with the help of my leatherman micra and wave. All told, it took about 30 minutes. Highly recommend this mod for any Blues junior or Princeton owner. #billm #billmaudio #to20b #heyboer #heyboertransformers #davdallenamplification #fender #bluesjunior #fenderbluesjunior #fenderamp #gearnerd #guitarn#leatherman #leathermanwave #leathermicra @leathermantools @billmaudio


Back when we were pups, Charlie and I came up in the #billmaudio school together. Rest in peace, Charlie Brown Machrone; my ardent shop dog, loyal unofficial #billm mascot and loving best friend.


Augh. I had to sit on that box to close it... And that tube is supposed to be inside it.


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