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Bong Mines Bridge Discussion Center

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A non-profit making organization based in Bong Mines Bridge community, Bushrod Island, Monrovia



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Bong Mines inauguration


Inauguration of Chairman elect Ezekiel T. Paye @ Lutheran Church in Bong Mines Bridge.


Sports n————nnIf sports can’t heal your wounds then you’re from a different planet. The photos speak a lot.nnHonorable Thomas Fallah embraces Dillon, the man that flogged him massively in the just ended Senatorial Elections.


Sportsn————-nnSenator Dillon is watching Montserrado vs. Maryland County in Monrovia. nInterestingly, he is seated around the field with other low income spectators.nnIf you were to compare Sen. Dillon style of leadership to someone, who’s that leader in our history he is just similar to?


The Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties Mr. Alexander Cummings has urged President Weah to focus on improving the living conditions of Liberians rather than competing with Local Musicians in the country.nnWhat y’all think?


The National County Sports meet is upcoming. Which county do you represent?


Things Fall Apart.nnHon Acarous Gray has stressed that there is a need for other Financial experts to help current Finance Minister Tweah in handling the economy. He said Minister Tweah inability to reach out to others is causing serious problems for the economy. nnWhat y’all think?


After a huge opposition victory, the debate about a new Pro tempt and Deputy Speaker has taken Center stage with many politicians sharing their opinions. nnWhether the mandate of the Pro- tempt ends immediately after the mid term elections or it extends toward 2023, is the huge debate that may need some Judiciary interpretation. nnQuite recently, former Finance Minister Amara Konneh and Hon. Moses Acarous Gray shared descending views on the issue.nnHon. Gray’s Point nnFrom my current bird eye view at the Legislature and as Acting Chairman on Executive the Amara Konneh analysis is legislatively dead in creation and doomed. It was predicted that right after election some members of the opposition CPP would have thought so, we immediately went into strategy session. The Pro Temp mandate expires 2023 and can be removed for a cause by colleagues but I can safely say that the numbers to remove him for a cause is impossible for now. You need two third which is 20 Senators out of 30 and interestingly in the Legislature alliances are interest oriented. At times just heading a Committe can make you to support or not to support a side. Also the presidential side matters a lot and Amara Konneh knows this very well from past legislative removal of the heads. Another factor is that some elected lawmakers believe that they were elected on their own merits whether from a party or independent. In summary, it is almost impossible to have a new Pro Temp next year and an attempt could lead to a long windy battle that the public will get tire with. There’s another factor that Amara Konneh knows so well that I don’t think people like him is willing to do especially when the numbers are not certain.nnOn the issue of the Deputy Speaker position the ruling CDC and collaborators will decide the out come whether to produce their own or give it to the opposition. Let me repeat that no Deputy Speaker of the House can create a Balance of Power like a Vice President of our democracy. The Deputy Speaker is Sandwiched by the Speaker and the Chairman on Executive and they could effectively make him a lame duck with the power vested in them by our rules.nnAmara’s Point:


New Year’s message from the people’s Senator Abe Darius Dillon .nnAyyy Law,,, the man is filled with Wisdom.nnA new year should never ever be about merely changing the dates, but direction; it should not only be about changing the calendar, but the renewal of hope and commitment; and, it should not be only about changing our actions, but our attitude. nnWishing EVERYONE a happy, prosperous, blissful, healthy, bright, delightful and very successful 2021.nnMay each and every day of yours in 2021 be renewed with lots of personal happiness and love for country and fellowman.nnMay the challenging times we faced in the year 2020 be our stepping stones to success, and may we be blessed with many happy moments in 2021. nnHappy New Year!