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Book Caf'e: I love books: A forum for discussion on books

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(407 Rate)

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A Cool Book Club: A Panacea for all book lovers: A great forum to discuss upcoming and latest books


With an advent of e-age and latest technologies, the ancient form of writing and reading is becoming extinct. But whatever the digital age brings along to make our life easier, nothing can replace the joy and pleasure of holding a real book, smelling the fresh print and all in all, ultimate delight in reading a good book. Let’s save the books! And the ‘art’ of reading!! We simply can’t live without books! If you share the sentiment, join this page.......


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I liked the author's other thrillers based on research of ancient parables and quite enjoyed but this one, 'the magicians of mazda' was quite a bore as I think, the pages and pages wasted on history of joroastrian, parsis in Iran and India, which anybody could Google to get lead on. The protagonist is Jim dastoor, a rebel who put aside his business heritage and choose to being a scientist instead. He was working/doing research on athura mazda, a sort of holy grail in medicine. But the material was also a kind of heirloom passed on to parsi generations from the ancient time. So many people were after it including the pharmaceutical industry which wanted to reap profit. So Jim dastoor was kidnapped from his home in usa along with his reasearch and athura mazda. His wife linda along with few authorities passed continents searching for him. But there's a less of storyline than huge chunk of history of parsi establishment in Iran and India from his wife linda and grandmother Cecil which actually impede the flow of storyline. I found it too much than necessary which sort of spoil the story than boost it. Only 2stars for this one.


A rude life, is memoir of the veteran journalist Vir Sanghvi that illuminates many things unknown, professional and personal. I enjoyed reading his book for its language and simplicity strewn with wittiness. I have liked the author from his 'rude food' column but never knew that he studied at Oxford and that he was a first rate political journalist with mostly all political key figures on his call including PM. Mostly I like the fact that the author is a fellow Gujarati. This book could've been rated 4 or 5 of 5 stars by the people in the field of politics or journalism. Since I dont like to read about politics much, its 3 ⭐ by me.


'Charlatans' is one of the engaging medical thrillers from Robin cook, published in the year 2017. Dr. Noah Rothauser worked as a chief medical resident at Boston Memorial hospital (BMH) where certain cases of sudden deaths of patients happened one after another for various reasons during an anesthesia stage of surgeries. In every case, Dr. Ava London, one of his young lady friend who who he recently befriended, was implicated as an attending anesthesiologist involved in all of these surgeries. Noah initially tried to absolve her from these implications during mortality data meetings, he managed but then later get shocked beyond his wildest imaginations when he uncovered certain uncomfortable truths.nThe author, who's also a medical doctor shared his concernes that it's easy for medical quakes and fake doctors to pass musters in this digital age. 3 to 3.5 stars to this story.


'Timeline' is by the master author, Michel Crichton, one of the finest, who has written several ground breaking novels including Jurassic park. But this book is one of his older work released in 1999, though, then also, the author was certainly ahead of his time, imagining certain things like time travel. The physicist Robert doniger was doing some groundbreaking experiments and developing facilities related to quantum physics where in a person could be sent to past by condensing the form in a machine. Some archeologist team including Marek, Chris and Kate, working on the ancient site, used these quantum facilities to time travel in to late 14th century to find their professor, Johnston, who was lost in this era by these very machines. Once they reached there in 14th century, they find altogether different land of kings, squires, horses, war and people speaking ancient launguage. But after their time travel, the book was all action, amidst the war between kings and how they saved himself as their watch hours started and only 37 hours to use some ceramic marker to call back their machine and get back to the real world. In the nick of the time they were saved. I was initially interested in reading about quantum physics mechanisms to send people in past but was quite bored once their actions adventure started among war like situation in the past century. I'd be be rather very much eager to know of the author's progressive take on quantum physics and time travel in 21st century. 2 to 2.5 stars for this one.


Viral- is 2021 release from the veteran author and the storyline is based not on covid virus but other viral illness called eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus spread by Asian tiger mosquito bite. The security agents, Brian and his wife Emma along with their 4 year old daughter Julliet went on a brief summer break to a sea beach in Cape code, Manhattan where this particular species of mosquito bites Emma while they were enjoying barbeque. She started to have symptoms and fever after a day and they had to shorten their vacation suddenly to go back to their city to get her to hospital. But poor Emma started having a long seizure attacks during their drive on road only and died in MMH Inwood hospital in few days despite emergency treatments. Her child daughter is badly affected due to this as she became the primary care attention for Brian. He thought the hospital did not care enough for Emma in time or she would have lived and he also got served the out of proportion, gigantic medical bill from hospital to settle to his utter surprise, adding an insult to his injury. His medical insurance carrier Peerless reject his claim for medical bill on various grounds. To add to the calamity, his daughter too died in few days after Emma's funeral in the same way with EEE symptoms. Brian was devastated. The similar huge bill situation and rejection of his mediclaim followed, making him furious. He had met one woman also named Julliet during his meeting with medical bill settlement advisor who has lost her husband year back along with her house and sizeable chunk of her fund asset in settling medical bills to MMH Inwood hospital. They both checked and found that the same was the case with several others in their community, who were cheated by this hospital as well as that medical insurance agency. Brian got angry with greedy attitude of this skewed helthcare system in America and made a tight proof plan to eliminate rich COE of both the hospital and medical insurance agency,while Julliet helped him as an accomplice. Brian has got access to necessary weapon as he has got back to his old NYPD job back after his wife demise to take care of his finance as security business they started as couple didn't do well as planned due to covid pandemic.They both carried out their plan successfully and ranawat to take refuge in France. The book was good in Robin cook way, his entire range of medical thrillers I have read by now. But in the end of the story, to murder the head of corporations to avenge their injustice seemed too good to be true and little out of place. I was like -really? (Just the next day though I came to know of the murder of Japanese prime minister Abe Shinzo by bullets, in social media news). The author implicated in his novel that new kind of viral illnesses are going to take over in near future due to environmental issues and global warming and that human beings will be in great danger if not be to careful. 3 stars for this one.


This book is a joy to read and can be enjoyed again and again in repeat reads. I have read mostly all books of sadguru including 'karma' and 'death' and this one is another such gem. Sadguru in his own easy yet prolific style talked about his own experience of bliss in first part of the book while discussing joy, destiny and bliss mixing it up with little jokes invented upon his own south Indian caricature ' Shankaran Pillai'. In 2nd part sadguu intricately explains body- the physical aspect, mind- mental aspect and energy- etheric aspect, to say that death is not the end, but end of just physical body, that you can only perceive what is limited to the five senses of human beings but there's much more beyond. With yoga you can achieve the harmony or union of physical and mental to derive the joy. But it's when you harmonize your body, mind and energy that you can obtain the ultimate bliss that lasts forever in lifetimes. At end of every little topics in the book, he gives certain, small procedures as 'sadhna' or tools or devices that can be done in our routine process to bring about the inner transformation. I strongly recommend this book to all, not only to read but keep a copy so that you have ready reference for joy and bliss. 5 stars to "inner engeneering"- a yogi's guide to joy. ⭐👌🌻


Homo Deus- a brief history of tomorrow is a very insightful book penned by veteran historian and author Yuval Noah harari, which I recently enjoyed reading. Based on the previous history of us as humans beings- 'homo sapiens', the author presented various probabilities as to what human would try to achieve in the future as Homo Deus- human God. Compared to past goals of humans to manage just food, flood or medicines, he suggested that 'homo deus' would try to achieve altogether new objectives in future as immortality, happiness and bliss. And that the new human future is going to be 'cyborg' based culture with advent of novel and progressing technologies such as as artificial intelligence (AI), nanotechnology, biotechnology and regenerative medicines. He rightly said that the traditional system of learning first (education) and application later (jobs and career) concept is going to be complete obsolete in near future and that the human would have to evolve, adapt and keep learning lifelong to keep up with ever progressing technologies, if not done, the human is going to 'miss the bus' completely and I totally agree with it. The author however suggested that human is nothing but a organic algorithm devoid of any soul or consciousness, the statements which I have certain reservations. nHe however presented the possibility that the 'machine' may take over completely in future making us human extinct exactly as we superseded other animals in nature. nThe book is profound, making us think at many levels and I strongly recommend it for reading 👍 4 or 4.5 stars out of 5 for this one.


I picked up this book to read as it was included in 10 box set of books as purchased for our library. nThe book was attempted by some Engeneering student in Assam, as 1st of Vishnu trilogy. The base he selected for story to begin with, is an intersting one, building upon the mystery that Ravan, the famous villain and devotee of shivji, in Ramayana was not killed by Shri Rama at the end of the war but his soul survived and it still comes to curse anyone trying to solve this mystery. So four students in some mystic school were chosen by their professor to solve this puzzle and they go to Assam, village and then Madya Pradesh to explore the issue and were subjected to some trials during this, which they claimed it on that Ravan curse. I have only read this 1st book. This student author however failed to give justice to an interesting premise. Firstly, the English was very poor with many errors and anyone who reads it can sense that it's from a novice. Secondly, he attempted to cover this paucity in writing by includingntoo much historical background on many tribes and casts and creeds which clearly seem like a 'cut, copy and paste' and not only placed haphazardly in the book but also seemed out of place and unnecessary at times. But atleast this student is doing some productive activity and trying to do a book trilogy, choosing an interesting base in Indian mythology. On that, I can give 2 stars for this 1st book of his. I wish, the author improves on his English as well as writing craft. All the best.


I have started to read this book with some doubts in my mind as I have just finished 2 books, one after another by these new generation of authors on the block these days and ended up giving only 1 star with a bad taste still lingering on my voracious, book loving mind. But this book turned out to be surprisingly better with a relatable story and good writing. The author has a potential. She wrote this story on three women friends, Sharvari, Parizad and Nandini with strong bonds, their family and ups and downs in life and their separation for one or another reason as they grow up. Each each goes their own way as it happens in life by the quirk of a fate. By the same peculiar events that were strange yet inevitable coincidences, they were brought together. And by the time, their reunion happens, each of them has discovered their strength and established their identity. The book is written from heart. Keep it up, author. 3 stars for this story.


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