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BowTie Billionaire

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About :

The BowTie Billionaire is a lifestyle brand that specializes in men’s personal care products to inspire and empower the gentleman within.


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Thank you! Georgia Fort and UsBank for making this all possible.


In spring 2016 we set out to do what was uncommon. Battling against our own fears and allowing greatness to happen outside of the comfort zone. The first concept of #BillionBeardOil wasn’t perfect. Staying up late nights and early mornings to create something you didn’t see in the market place. We had a phenomenal scent that brought the holiday seasons to your beard. Starting out, as you can imagine sells were super slow. We persevered and kept pushing one bottle at a time. Before you knew it we sold out by the Summer of 2017. nnFirst year in business we sold out of our original beard oil and were unable to track down our original scent. Our master crafter and CEO searched high and low from one end of the states to the other but was unsuccessful in finding this mystery serum. So we were left with a dilemma, either close up shop or create a new beard oil to bring to the marketplace. We created 3n n1. Southern Blvdn2. MCMXXI (1921)n3. AD Se7ennn Five years later our relentless pursuit paid off and we found our limited original edition scent. nnThis mini story of Cloudy With A Chance Of Billions is a story we all have inside of us. Keep running your race. Push through the aches and pain for the Marathon continues!nn#rollingout #rollingoutmagazine #beard #beardgang #blackbeards #mensgrooming #mensgroomingproducts #fearnot #keeppushing #cloudywithachanceofbillions #minnesotamakers #blackownedbusiness #webuyblack #blackwallstreet #barbershopconnect #barbershop #barberlife


Another rainy day is in the forecast!n• The Best Day Party Ever is an indoor/outdoor event with several elements meant to be enjoyed in the sun. Due to the impending weather forecast for April 30th, BDPE has been postponed to give our guests the best party experience. Stay tuned for the rescheduled date TBA. We hope to welcome you all at thennewly scheduled Best Day Party Ever!


CEO represents again! Telling the great story of the brand that helped put personal care products on the map in Mn and beyond with none other than @voyage.magazine @Voyageminnesota. Thank you again for giving us another platform to inspire and to tell our story. nn📸 @nagashia_photography nnWhat’s next for BTB? nnCatch us at the Best Day Party Ever! On April 30th from 2pm-7pm powered by @livetvevents @bowtie_billionaire @thelabminnesota nnStay tuned cause we going Live! nn#beardgang #billionbeardoil #bestdayparty #taurus #aries #personalcareproducts #blackbeards #beardgamematters #obeythybeard #minneapolisevents #citypages #kmoj #minnesotaevents


Come celebrate our 6th anniversary in business!!!


It’s official like a whistle! Come celebrate our 6th year anniversary on Saturday April 30th, 2pm-7pm at The Best Day Party Ever! 🎉🎉🎉 Powered by @livetvevents @thelabminnesota


It's official like a whistle! Saturday April 30th, 2p-7pm the festivities will begin as we celebrate our 6th year in business. Welcome to the Best Day Party Ever. Powered by BowTie Billionaire @liveTVevents The Lab - Pilot Facility & Taproom nn


🤷🏾‍♂️ What’s spring without The Best Day Party Ever? nnTune in as we celebrate our 6th year in business 🎉🎉🎉🎉nn#obeyyourbeard #dayparty #celebrate #blackbusiness #6 #spring #april #taurusseason