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Campfire Audio

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About :

Campfire Audio is an audio design and manufacturing company specializing in premium audiophile earphones. Located in Portland, Oregon, USA.


We began by making handmade cables and audio amplifiers in our Portland workshop as ALO audio. Enjoying high fidelity audio with our amplifiers and cables we use only the best earphones available from around the world. As we continued to listen we found something missing in what we were hearing. So we began to design and build earphones in our workshop for our own use. The results exceeded our own expectations, impressing us and the handful......




Opening Hours :

Monday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM
Tuesday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM
Wednesday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM
Thursday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM
Friday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM

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Featured Articles:


Simply superb Supermoon!nn"Campfire Audio seems to be onto a winner with their new 14mm planar driver - forgoing multiple drivers and the associated crossovers seems to have done no harm whatsoever, and in fact, the Supermoon benefits from a linear, coherent tuning with simply outstanding technicalities as a result. I can’t wait to see what they do with this new driver down the track, but for now, they’ve hit it out of the park with its first outing in the Supermoon."nnFollow the link below to read the full review from Addicted To Audio n.n.n.n.n.n.n#hifi #hifiaudio #portableaudio #portablehifi #highendaudio #hiendaudio #campfireaudio #campfireaudiosupermoon #audiophile #audiophilelife #iems #inearmonitors #earphones #headphones #portlandoregon #handbuilt #inears #custominears #custominearmonitors #luxuryaudio #instahifi #hifisound #hifidelity


Take an additional 40% off all of our Smoky Jacket Cables!nnFriday through Sunday (8/5-8/7) our entire line of Smoky Jacket IEM cables are all 40% off their regular sales price! Click the link below to shop now 👇 💫 nn


Head over to eCoustics to read the latest review of the Astell&Kern x Campfire Audio collaboration Pathfinder 💫👇


Campfire Audio Ara is built to last.nnMachined from Grade 2 Titanium billet, the Campfire Audio Ara has a shell that is immediately appealing. Leaving the machined titanium raw lets the natural beauty of the material shine.nnOver the life of the earphone, owners will enjoy a changing finish that will only get more interesting with time. Rest assured, your earphone drivers are safe in this finely crafted body.nnNicely done.n.n.n.n.n.n#hifi #hifiaudio #portableaudio #portablehifi #highendaudio #hiendaudio #campfireaudio #campfireaudioara #audiophile #audiophilelife #iems #inearmonitors #earphones #headphones #portlandoregon #handbuilt #inears #custominears #custominearmonitors #musicfirstaudiophile #audiodesign #luxuryaudio #instahifi #hifisound #hifidelity


Unboxing the new Pathfinder IEM!


The reviews are in!nnThe Campfire Audio Holocene is consistently rated as one of the highest performing IEMs in its class. With a three-driver design that provides a rich and balanced sound signature, the Holocene is an IEM for the ages! Catch up on all the latest reviews at the link below 👇✌️nn


A recent review of the Campfire Audio Mammoth over at Audiophile On. Check it out at the link below ✌️👇


Today through Sunday 6/26, all Standard Litz Cables are 40% off!nnTake an additional 40% off the regular price of any of our Standard Litz Cables all weekend! Available in 3.5mm & Lightning terminations and includes our 2-Pin Litz Cable w/ 3-Button Control + In-Line Mic. Shop now at the link below 👇✌️nn


"Campfire Audio is back. Their newest Supermoon offers by far the best technical performance from their entire lineup. This planar-magnetic CIEM has a crazy resolution and detail retrieval that is definitely one of the best in its price bracket."nnRead the full review at the link below 👇


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