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Chaotic Cinema

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A page for fans of surreal/experimental/horror/cult films

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An elusive phantasmagoria...


Phantom Canyon (Stacey Steers, 2006)nnEmploying the models from Eadweard Muybridge’s ‘Human and Animal Locomotion’ in her handmade collages animated through ‘labor-intensive and intuitive process’, as noted on her official webpage, Stacey Steers creates a hypnotizingly beautiful phantasmagoria that would turn Lawrence ‘Larry’ Jordan green with envy. ‘Phantom Canyon’ is the stuff dreams are made of!nnExcerpt:n


Golem (Piotr Szulkin, 1980)nn


texas chainsaw massacre 1974


Nippon no akuryo / Evil Spirits of Japan (Kazuo Kuroki, 1970)nnA simple, yet heavily fragmented or rather, obscured story of switched identities sees strangely charismatic Kei Satō dandily smirking in a dual role of yakuza and detective, as Kazuo Kuroki employs virtually every trick from the film grammar book, delivering a visually stimulating and formally playful piece of New Wave cinema. Interspersed by the 4th-wall-breaking, at times politically charged musical interludes performed by singer-songwriter Nobuyasu Okabayashi, ‘Evil Spirits of Japan’ provides a somewhat subversive blend of crime drama and pinku eiga, defying description and amplifying your taste for filmic weirdness.


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