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Chuck Norris Fans

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In the 1960s, Bruce Lee's decision to open kung fu schools in California was met with a lot of opposition. Here's why this was so controversial.


Bruce Lee only had one Western role in his acting career. Here's what it was, and why it stands out from all his other movie and TV appearances.


Not all of Bruce Lee's celebrity students excelled at kung fu. Here's why Lee tried to train legendary singer Dean Martin, and why it didn't work out.


One of the biggest passion projects in Bruce Lee's career was The Silent Flute, a movie greenlit by Warner Bros. Here's why he never finished it.


An old story alleges that Bruce Lee had a fight with fellow kung fu icon, Sammo Hung, in 1971. Here's what happened between the two legends.


Originally, Bruce Lee wanted to use Way of the Dragon to adapt a failed project. Here's what his plan was for the movie, and why he didn't use it.


After becoming a martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee decided to challenge his old kung fu teacher in order to test his skills. Here's who won.


Bruce Lee had several clashes with Warner Bros. over Enter the Dragon and what the title should be. Here's how and why he eventually won.


Bruce Lee, who always had great confidence in his kung fu skills, admitted there was one fighter he knew he couldn't beat - Muhammad Ali. Here's why,


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