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Climate Strike Afghanistan

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CSA is organized by a large group of climate activists and environmentalists in AFG to promote the agenda of the global climate movement which consists of demanding world governments to take urgent actions for environmental concerns and climate change

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⚠️ 🚨⚠️ British authorities are still refusing Nasratullah’s visa to attend COP26 ⚠️ 🚨⚠️nn🇦🇫Nasratullah is an activist with FFF and a climate scientist from Afghanistan. For several weeks now, British authorities have refused processing his visa for entry into the UK, which makes it impossible for him to participate in the COP26 climate conference. This is a huge scandal and means that not a single youth voice from Afghanistan will be represented in Glasgow.nn💥We call on the British government: Grant visas to Nasratullah and all other climate activists from the Global South!nn✍️Share this post using the hashtag #AfghanistanToGlasgow


Climate Strike Afghanistan in collaboration with The Mirror UK, and Save the Children in Afghanistan conducted an advocacy and awareness raising workshop entitled Climate Change Science and Advocacy for Teenagers at Save the Children-Kabul office on 14 July 2021. Save the Children-Afghanistan had identified the participants for the training and they were teenagers from Kabul, some of whom had been displaced because of climate change induced disasters from other provinces in recent years.nnThe training workshop was conducted by Nasratullah Mateen and Nawid Soofizada, climate change experts and the founders of Climate Strike Afghanistan campaign. It mainly consisted of presentations on basic concepts of climate change, its causes and impacts at global level, climate change impacts in Afghanistan, climate advocacy and activism, Greta Thunberg’s climate movement, and the role of people, especially youngsters in climate action and advocacy.nn#ClimateActionn#climatestriken#climatecrisisn#DailyMirrorn#Afghanistann#ClimatestrikeAfghanistan


#ClimateStrikeAfghanistannnSource: World Economic Forum


As part of our expert view series program, today we are featuring Sayed Miragha Manawi, the lecturer of Paktia University, discussing about climate change. Join the session and ask your related questions.


#TheExpertViewSeries with #ClimateStrikeAfghanistan nJoin us tomorrow at 2:00PM Kabul time


Despite the fact that the world is going through a very tough and unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus pandemic we believe it’s still necessary to talk about climate change as another issue of great importance because coronavirus is not the only crisis that we suffer from.nAfghanistan is identified as one of the most vulnerable countries to the devastating impacts of climate change and our people have been suffering gravely from the already occurred and damaging impacts for the past two decades.n#Climate_Strike_Afghanistann#CSAn#CSAonlinen#Climate_Justicen#EarthDay2020


Take part in our future climate strike programs and make a positive change for our planet. Here we are featuring these young people striking for climate on occasion of earthday 2020.nn#climatestrikeafghanistann#onlineclimatestriken#earthday2020


ام گلثوم 3 ساله به جهان پیامی دارد! nBefore our online strike today, we received the photo of 3 years old Um Gulsoom, trying to ensure her participation. nHere we post it, she has a message to the world from the top of a mountain in Kabul.nLet's help her convey her message to world leaders.nn#ClimatestrikeAfghanistann#climatestrikeonlinen#April22n#EarthDay2020


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