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Conquering Midlife - An ongoing discussion with Rick T. and Chris B.

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Join us every week, for intuitive and in-depth conversations about how to not only survive the middle ground of life, but to Conquer it! Let's all learn from the experiences of others, to ensure success and avoid defeat. You are NOT alone.



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Episode 38!nnWho caught this conversation with Youth Life Coach, Lindsay Law?nnShe helps us uncover some of the amazing opportunities and similarities we can share with both our own teens, and any teens. As well as some ways to improve our parenting experience by improving our perception of them and what they are going through.nnWhether you are a parent or not, there is a lot we can learn from the teenage experience, and even ways it can proportionally be paralleled to our own journey through mid-life.nnJoin us and let us know what you think!


Episode 37!nnWell, we were hoping to put this one out before Christmas, but c'est la vie!nnIn Episode 37 we get into Christmas, traditions, and how to manage it all as a single parent. The most wonderful time of the year, may not always feel that way. We have identified a few things that, if we hold onto them, can help keep the season what it should be. No matter what.nnLet us know what YOU think!nnAnd we hope you all had a special Christmas and a Happy new year!


Episode 36!nnOur first guest couple! And did they ever bring it. nnThis episode we got to talk to Jordan and Melissa Pierson about their impressive journey through some of the midlife punches. nnThe futile and unsatisfying chase of what our society often promotes as the source of joy. Only to collide with reality and come crashing down.nnFacing a very real darkness on the road to emotional and mental health. nnChoosing, and then proving what really matters in life, and reaping the rewards of that focus.nnAnd an amazing pivot in business, and a quick adaptation for the pandemic that is paying off in more ways than one.nnThey are amazing people, and they gave us so much to glean from their incredible story!nnCheck it out and let us know in the comments what YOU take away from it. 👊


Can we get a little birthday love for my amazing co-host, Rick Timlick?!nnHow about a GIF thread?


Episode 27!nnThis is a special episode where we pay tribute to an incredible friend and influencer, Grant Thompson, "The King of Random".nnIn doing so we learn from some of his personality, successes, and his attitude about Life! As well, we learn from some of our own inhibitions as we continue to get vulnerable about ourselves.nnLet us know what YOU take away from it!nn(Links to Grant's video about his Creator's Journey, as well as the TKOR YouTube Channel, are in the comments for you! Check them out and give it a Like and Subscribe!)


Episode 20!nnToday's episode is so packed with value!! nnWe had so much fun in the studio for this one with athlete, author, actor, life coach, business coach, father and husband of a blended family, and all-around Rockstar, Jayson Krause!!nnThere are things in here that we ALL want and need to hear. Truth bombs and revelations to help steer our course and shape our paradigms for a more effective, meaningful, and amazing life!nnBut don't take my word for it. Check out Episode 20 yourself, and tell us what you think!!


Episode 13!


Episode 10!nnWho caught Part 2 of our Episode with Derek Rees?nnThe different elements of his story and the solutions he presents, were so diverse and so powerful. Everyone will find something useful and relatable in these 2 episodes!nnWhat did YOU take away?


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