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Crowd 1 BillionaireDad

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*INVITE EVERYONE AND ANYONE YOU KNOW FOR THE MIGGSTER LAUNCH πŸš€ ON SATURDAY!*n*Especially all the gamers who would like to earn an extra income from people playing games!*n nn*CAPE TOWN MIGGSTER LAUNCH*nDate: *Saturday, 14 November 2020* nnTime: nn*1pm-2pm* nn*Welcome Presentation with Mr Smile* nn*2pm-4pm*nn*Crowd1Miggster Official launch live Event* nnVenue: nnNortherns Goodwood Cricket ClubnHamilton St, Goodwood, Cape Town, 7460 nn


*CROWD1 has reach over 20 million members in less than 2 years! HISTORY IN THE MAKING! Never done βœ… by any other company worldwide!REGISTED NOW FOR THE ONLINE EVENT FOR SATURDAY, 14 NOVEMBER 2020! Let's Go!*nn


And there it is...14 million members and counting...nnAre you still watching from the sidelines when you could be joining and enjoying these results?nnThe choice is yours and only yours....