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Daytona Wurtz Racing

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Super Latemodel, Super Stocks, Outlaw Karts

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Daytona was featured in an article by Late Model Digest regarding her accomplishments this season. While they also condoned Meridian Speedway for their influx in women drivers. Take some time and give it a read!


All ladies get in free this Saturday! Daytona will be racing the cow car in the pro lates, so come on down. nGates open at 4:45pm nRaces start at 6:45pm


Woohoo Daytona!!


Great night for racing!!!


Come out tonight and watch Daytona race 208 laps in her Latemodel! Go Daytona! nn


A friends daughter, #SCImages19 takes pictures over at Siskiyou Golden Speedway. She created this awesome video, that actually got into the Ashland Film Festival. Thought it was pretty neat. Had to share.


Mooooove on over fellow Super Stocks! This year, Daytona will be racing the Got Milk 2.0. This car is a throwback to her dad's racing days. nnDennis Wurtz Jr.'s 1974 Plymouth Duster, known as The COW car, won four championships between 1992-1997 at Meridian and Chaparral. nnSo watch out for Got Milk 2.0 #13, she is ready to have a quacking good time and take the checkered flag home!nnCome out this weekend, June 11th to watch Super Stocks Square Off Saturday at 6:30 pm.nnGo Daytona!


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