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Death By Audio Effect Pedals

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Effect Pedals


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on synths, SPACE BENDER explores ✨strange new worlds✨of vintage sci-fi sounds, bending sonic bedlam and pulsing atmospheres from a dimension somewhere beyond linear time. survey uncharted galaxies of modulated delay, chorus and flanger with its simple (but deep) interface. the next generation of chorus pedal has landed. nnplot a course for your local dealer and go on a SPACE BENDER!!👽


🪐 Space Bender 🪐 Still need convincing? Take it from Victoria, Bruce, and an anonymous testimony from Absolutely Not Bruce.nnMasterpiece by @noahsider


👽👽 when the aliens land and tell us to take them to our leader, we're going straight to AndyDemos house to riff on the SPACE BENDER. nntry it out now at your local dealer in standard black or log onto for the exclusive white-and-orange colorway!!


Introducing 💫 SPACE BENDER 💫nnA new member of the DBA family in Black and EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION White and Orange! 👽nnThe SPACE BENDER chorus modulator replicates and warps your signal into beautiful and organic transmissions from a dimension somewhere beyond linear time.nnUnder the hood lies an array of dynamically modulated delay lines allowing you to craft subtle vintage sci-fi sounds, bending sonic bedlam, and pulsing atmospheres. Never again will you say this chorus pedal just isn’t intense enough!nnThe SPEED and DEPTH knobs act as the main controls over the delay time and feedback, while simultaneously setting the modulation parameters of the delays.nnThese in combination with the rocker switch settings let you move smoothly through a widenrange of effect types allowing for new ways of thinking and experimenting with modulatedndelay, chorus, and flanger. Stretch and pull your sound waves to craft glassy bell resonances, massive reverse dive bombs, and seasick demon drones with a simple (but deep) interface.nnThe spectrum of living, breathing sound manipulations stowed within the SPACE BENDER serve as an interstellar gateway for the next wave of musicians to create a universe of haunting and unexplored soundscapes. See you on the other side!nn




quit your job and blow your life savings on guitar pedals bc tomorrow we're space truckin'


Make some Space.🪐


We’ll always fix your broken DBA pedals, even if you really took ‘em for a ride.... even if you took ‘em for a John Dwyer level ride like these two. Your “mojo” is safe with us 🤗


Such a special anniversary for all of us here at the shop. Sometimes ya just gotta 🦵 let it out?????


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