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Dignity: Human Rights in Daily Life

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Raising consciousness of the injustices that impact women and children. Particular emphasis is on education, violence and human trafficking.


Dedicated to worldwide injustices that impact women and children, this page places particular emphasis is on education, violence and human trafficking. Posts may feature individuals contributing to improving the lives of others. If you think you are too small to make a difference, try to sleep in a closed room with a mosquito. - African Proverb....



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Hi Folks,nnI hope that you are safe and well.nnI launched a child development YouTube channel that gives parents tips for giving their children what they need to have successful and fulfilling futures. The shows are drawn from my experiences in child development, as a teacher, lawyer and community leader. They are produced to help parents give their children the tools they need to avoid living unfulfilled lives. Would you please support the channel by subscribing? tTe link to it is here.nn


In How to Help Your Children Build Superior Language Skills, you will learn tips for accelerating your child's language skills and help them build their vocabulary. The three major categories of tips include: Talking with youR child; reading with your child; and other tips.n


Have you wondered if you are capable of giving your children the educational opportunity that will position them for success and fulfillment? Remember, you are your children’s first teacher.nYou can do it. Listen to Leslie Jone Sessler draw on her experiences as an educator, school principal, assistant school superintendent, adjunct college professor and homeschooling mom tell you about unschooling, its benefits and answer your questions.


How many of your hopes and dreams that you had when you first got married are still alive? How many of your hopes and dreams that you had when you first got married are still alive? How many have you achieved? How many have you given up on? nnWhat about the dreams that you have for your children? nnAre they still alive? There is still time to give your children everything that you promised yourself, all your life, that you would give them things that you didn't have. There is still time. You are in the right place and we’ll show you how.nnIf you've made mistakes along the way it's okay. Nobody’s perfect. Where you never failed was at loving your children, have you? Your children know this. They just want you to be there for them, and you want the best for them. You are in the right place and we'll show you how.nnSure you have some fears for your children, but there are ways that you can empower them beyond anything you could have imagined. You're in the right place and we'll show you how.nnYou've often felt that what schools teach your children in no way prepare them for today's world. You are absolutely right. But you can prepare them for today's world, and you are in the right pace because we will show you how.nnEven if you send your children to the best schools, it does not guarantee that they will grow up to become success and fulfilled, but you can do something about that. You're in the right place and we'll show you how.nnCome choose from our list of FREE resources and start learning what your children need you to know. See STEP ONE on Linktree from the bio.




Radio is the oldest broadcast medium that reaches the widest audience in the world, and has evolved from AM, to FM, to podcasting. The purpose of World Radio Day (WRD) is emphasize the importance of a medium that offers entertainment, news updates, and information services. This year has three sub-theme: Evolution Innovation, Connection.


Female Genital Mutilation is the non-medical practice of cutting, sewing or using acid in a cultural attempt to control women's sexuality. FGM is a form of violence against women and girls, child abuse and sexual assault. It leaves its victims in shock, with severe pain, excessive bleeding, and at risk of HIV, urination problems, impaired wound healing, and death. International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation attempts to eradicate female genital mutilation by raising awareness of a practice that negatively impacts on the women’s health. Learn more here:


This is a pictorial grid of the four major learning styles. It gives you clues into your children’s learning styles. Understanding learning styles is the first step to avoiding learning loss.


uring the last few days, pressure has been mounting for Donald Trump to either resign from the Office the President or face a second impeachment. This time, he ncited an insurrection. In this this video, which premieres at 3:00PM today, we will look at what impeachment is, hoe the impeachment process works, and why it matters even though the president has only a few days left in office.


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