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DXB Professional Products

(7 Rate)
Poblacion Tabuc
(7 Rate)
Poblacion Tabuc

About :

Authorized Distributor of dxb Professional Products


Poblacion Tabuc ,5807
10.794187754628, 122.75367736816

Opening Hours :

Monday: 08:00AM - 16:00PM
Tuesday: 08:00AM - 16:00PM
Wednesday: 08:00AM - 16:00PM
Thursday: 08:00AM - 16:00PM
Friday: 08:00AM - 16:00PM
Saturday: 08:00AM - 16:00PM

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Electronics Store
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Featured Articles:


For safety of your Audio Equipment‼️nDxb Premium Digital Sequencern10 Outlet with relay protection each nRack mountablenDigital DisplaynDesign for Xtreme BattlenPrice: 4999 / COD available nationwidenShopee store👉


dxb Integrated Amplifier‼️nPrice: 7399 php / COD nationwidenShopee store👉 Features:n•12 transistorsn•300Wx2 RMS 8Ω of pure powern•dxb (PPF) Premium Protection Featuresn•100v/10,000uf ecapsn•700w transformer / 56vn•Bluetooth 4.2 / USB / SDn•3 Mic inputn•Built-in Mic effectsn•Built-in Mic 3band EQ


dxb BEE bound to Sorsogonndxb Mixer to Pangasinanndxb Power Amp to Tagum Cityndxb KL6000 to MarinduquenThank you always for trusting us‼️


dxb midbass speaker‼️n15" 400w rms / 800w peaknHigh power magnet using y40 ferrite gradenPrice: 2999 phpnShopee store👉


dxb Mixing Console‼️nBluetooth, USB, Dual Mic Effects, Phantom, Record Outn4channel Mic input & 2channel Line inputnPrice: 2499 / cod available nationwide‼️nShopee store👉


Copper Transformer Amplifier na kaya sa bulsa⁉️😱🤑nHanapin lang ang “➕” sa dxb EL SERIES amplifiers!nAvailable models:nel5000.1+ (106vac / NJW transistors)nel3000.2+ (84vac / NJW transistors)


dxb Bass Enhancer Extreme+nGapang at matigas na bass hanap mo? Ito na ang solusyon sa problema mo. For only 3699php‼️nShopee store👉


dxb Professional Premium AVR‼️nPrice: 4699 phpnShopee store👉 Premium AVR MATERIAL:n100% Pure Coppern •Compesation Transformern •Output TransformernDISPLAY:nMulti Digital Meter & Status IndicatornINPUT CORRECTION RANGE:n-50volt to +50voltnINPUT FREQUENCY RANGE:n-10% to +10%nPROTECTION FEATURES:n•Temperature Controlled Fann•Temperature sensor: Automatic off and onn•Input low voltagen•Input high voltagen•Output low voltagen•Output high voltagen•Short Circuitn•Overload


INTRODUCING‼️#Battlesubwoofer dxb d18 (1800w RMS) High Power Magnet using Y40 Ferrite Tripple Magnet 6" vcnPromo price: 22,999 ( pre order basis)nSrp: 24,999 php


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