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Educational Innovations

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We're your #1 resource for Science and STEM classroom learning tools, lab supplies, and fun science experiments. Search for products by NGSS correlations! We are also the creators of KIDS' SCIENCE CLUB.



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Monday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM
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Featured Articles:


East-facing sunflowers are happier, healthier, and more productive than those that face other directions – and it's all down to the warmth of the morning Sun.n #botany #science #plantbiology


“How inappropriate to call this planet "Earth," when it is clearly "Ocean.”n- Arthur C. Clarken#ArthurCClarke #ArthurCClarkeQuotes


When a bomb goes off, energy is shot out indiscriminately in all directions. So, instead of an expanding ball of fire, why do nuclear explosions result in mushroom clouds?n #science #atombombs #nuclearbomb #physics


New Product Alert: Doctor Livingston Jr. Human Body Puzzle for KidsnAssemble an accurate cross-cut of the entire human body!n #Puzzles #FunScience #PuzzlesForKids #Anatomy


A newly developed method of levitating and manipulating tiny objects using sound waves could represent a major step forward for the technology.n #physics #sound #levitation #gravity #AmazingScience


Researchers in Switzerland are set to break the record for the most precise value of the mathematical constant pi, after using a supercomputer to calculate the famous number to its first 62.8 trillion decimal places.n #recordbreaking #computers


Stephen Jay Gould was born on this day in 1941.n#Science #Paleontology #EvolutionaryBiology #StephenJayGould #OnThisDay #HistorianOfScience #Authors


Thursday Trivia: (No Googling)Nephology is the study of:na. cloudsnb. young birdsnc. kidneysnd. lakesnFollow this post to see the answer tomorrow.n#Trivia #Science #ScienceTrivia


Mosquitoes are more than blood-sucking menaces. They also pollinate flowers, have intricate sex lives and eat other disease-carrying mosquitoes.n #pests #Biology #Science


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