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E.G.Y Innovation Motor Parts & Accesories

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About :

We Sell/Ship Quality Affordable BMW Motorcycle & Other Bigbikes Accesories. Dealer of Yamaha - Kawasaki - Susuki - Honda -Sym/Euro Genuine Parts.


14.60587, 120.97796

Opening Hours :

Monday: 07:00AM - 17:30PM
Tuesday: 07:00AM - 17:30PM
Wednesday: 07:00AM - 17:30PM
Thursday: 07:00AM - 17:30PM
Friday: 07:00AM - 17:30PM
Saturday: 07:00AM - 17:30PM
Sunday: 07:00AM - 17:30PM
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#HornigGermanyBarBackRiser [25320] For NEW BMW R1200/1250 GS/GSA LC 2014 UPnn#price P6,500nn#ProductDescriptionn Handlebar risers with offset: 30mm higher and 24mm closer to the rider.n-Raising the handlebar by 30mm results in a more upright, much more relaxed seating position. Moreover, the handlebar is brought 24mm closer to the rider which additionally improves driving comfort.nThe handlebar riser also makes riding while standing less tiring, which is of tremendous benefit to taller riders in particular.nThe overall result is a noticeable increase in stamina and concentration. Long stretches on the motorway are less nerve-racking, and even fast, difficult off-road sections are easier to handle.nEasy to fit in minutes. No need for long cables or brake cables! Fits on original 32mm handlebar.nWith EU street homologation!nnHornig R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-) Bar Risersn#ProducedByHornigOfGermany


#CrashbarProtectionCompleteSetUpperAndLower For BMW F900 R/XR ZIIVRRAPISSXnn#price P22,800nn#ProductDescriptionnWe have developed thisnelaborately processed fairing protection bar especially for the F900XR F900R It reliably protects the tank and panelingnand Engine can be combined.nn#Thefacts: nUpper = Minimal weightnMaintenance work possible without dismantling the bracketnPlastic-coated precision steel tube.nnLower = Optimal protection for tank andncladding. Elaborately processed, plastic -coated precision steel tube. Resilient mounting points reliably absorb active forces and thusnprevent costly damagenVisually successful integration into the design of the Light in weight, but great in effectnDetailed, easy-to- understand instructions for easy installationnFitmentnFor BMW F900XR 2020-2021nFor BMW F900R 2020-2021n#BrandRacePro


#LMAR9DjBMWoemSparkPlug #12 12 7 719 772nFor BMW R1200 2014 up And BMW C650 S/GT ZKIVSAGSSXnn#price P1,280nn#BmwOriginalOemParts


#VDOOriginalCamshaftSensor02 # 12 72 8 523 317 G For BMW GS/GSA R1200/1250, S1000XR & Other Model with Same Part Number ZGVRRAWOSSXnn#price P4,800nn#ProductDescriptionnShhhh........ VDO is OEM Parts Sensor Supplier of BMW Original Parts, This Sensor is just the Same With BMW Camshaft Sensor Part no. 12 728 523 317n#VDOoemManufacturernMade In Hungary


#GenuineBMWVoltageRegulator ZVVRRAIPSSX nPart No. 61148559626nFor BMW G310 R / GSnn#price P8,800nnMPN: 61 14 8 559 626n#BMWOEMParts



#CrashbarRoundedProtectionGuard Fit for 22mm, 25mm & 28mm ZVVRAWRSXnn#price P880 pairnn#ProductDescription:n1 pair of 2pcs, installed in the Crahbar and nylon Plastic spacer to fit 22mm , 25mm & 28mm Tubular Crashbar sizen✔️ Installed in the anti-fall frame touch point, can effectively prevent the anti-drop frame and the ground scratchn✔️Reversed to avoid metal and ground friction caused by the spark, to prevent the ground gasoline fire, to avoid secondary lossesn#Specifications:nMaterial: Imported high quality nylon plastic, nadd anti-aging formula.nColor: BlacknDiameter: Fit all 22/25/28mmnMotorcycle Bumper Crashbar Protective GuardnPackage Included:n1 Pair x Bumper Guard Rounded with Screw Kit n#ProGSadv


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