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EMF Audio

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About :

We're an authorized dealer of EMF Audio, XS Power, MB Quart, Scott Bowman Customs (SBC), and Audio Control.


We sell Sundown Audio, Audio Control, XS Power, Scott Bowman Customs (SBC), and EMF Audio Labs products exclusively at prices that won't be beat. We will match ANY authorized dealers price on new equipment....

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What's different between the Banhammer v1 and v2?


Banhammer v2's are shipping now. #emfaudio #banhammer #shipping #caraudio #subwoofer


V2 compared to V1. Get yours on


Shipping now


4 more pallets of Banhammers out the door today. #banhammerv2 #emfaudio


Customers are starting to receive their Banhammer V2's now.


Banhammers are here, stop asking.


What's the latest delay on Banhammer v2's? Track it yourself. I'm guessing the ship broke because it's not really moving, and it's days off schedule and hasn't gone anywhere and nowhere near the port. I can't make this stuff up.


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