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Essence For High Res Audio

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About :

Essence manufactures the world's leading DACs (digital to analog converters) for HDMI v2.0 sources and 4K TVs, Hi Res Audio Blu-ray, SACD, & PC Sources, Streaming Services, and all digital sources including USB, Optical, and Coaxial.


Thanks for visiting the Essence Hi Res Audio FB site. Although Essence™ is a new brand founded in 2013 the owner Bob Rapoport is an award-winning veteran audio industry exec who still believes in finding the Holy Grail of High Fidelity. ...



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Featured Articles:


"The Acoustic Energy AE109 Mk2 has an engaging, spacious, and refined sound; pleasant looks; good build quality...A talented little floor stander that should work well in a variety of situations" 7 Review, August 7, 2022.nnAt $949 a pair including free shipping in the USA, I don't know of a more accomplished entry level floor stander, for small and medium sized spaces, its a perfect alternative to stand-mounts that adds 2 octaves of bass without a subwoofer.nn


Latest News From Essence For August 2022 - Acoustic Energy AE320 Awards Pile Up; HDMI DACs for SACD and Blu-ray; ATI Power Amps Are Still The Best; PLiXiR BDC Linear Power Supplies Up Your Game -


David Price reviews the Applause Award-winning Acoustic Energy AE320 for Stereonet July issue, the best-in-class floor standing speakers you can buy for $1990 a pair. Sold by Essence For Hi Res Audio in the USA, finish options Gloss Black, White, or Real Walnut Veneer. Original 300 Series design with aluminum alloy woofers and tweeters enclosed in inert, resonance and vibration-free cabinets that deliver the legendary AE sound they're known for. Link to the review from my product page:n n


Great reporting by Ian White on the new Acoustic Energy AE100 Mk2 Bookshelf / Stand Mount Speakers in the latest issue of They sell for $399 a pair and come in Walnut, Black, and White vinyl finishes with great attention to detail and free shipping in the USA. You can link to the report from the Essence product page below.nn"The AE100 MK2 are engaging to say the least...the imaging and soundstage performance are surprising at the price point....I found the imaging to be quite precise. The AE100 MKII strikes a really good balance in the bass; Acoustic Energy have wisely chosen to focus on speed and definition." Ian White, July 2022.n


Latest News From Essence For July - Titan Audio Power Management Products Debut; PLiXiR Elite Linear DC Power Supply; HDACC II-4K HDMI DAC Preamp for 4K Sources and TVs; Acoustic Energy AE320 Speakers Outperform the competition -


Introducing the Titan Helios Power Block and High Current Power Cord, the alternative to an expensive power conditioner with universally acclaimed performance and value from the UK. Each socket is hard wired to the mains voltage, no bus bars, no filters, no chokes, no current limiting, surge protected with 6 cryogenically treated receptacles for optimal current delivery. $449 without optional power cord in case you already have your own, now sold by Essence For Hi Res Audio in the USA.n


Another 5 Star review for the Acoustic Energy AE320 from Michael Hamers at, sold in the USA by Essence For Hi Res Audio at $1990 a pair in Gloss Black, White, or Real Walnut Veneer with free shipping in the USA.nn“The reproduction of the AE320 is fast, detailed and open and due to the three-way construction in this top model, the midrange is just a bit better defined and the low end has even more power. Due to their transparent and fairly neutral reproduction, they can be used for any genre and will appeal to both the more audiophile-oriented listener and the film lover. nnThe appearance will also appeal to many people. If you put a pretty hefty speaker in your living room, it can certainly be seen and the finish of both the cabinet and drivers and the paint are of a very high level that far exceeds the price level. In addition, they are interior-friendly because, despite their size, they are quite narrow and available in three beautiful colours, one of which always fits particularly well in everyone's interior.”nYou can read the full review here: learn more, please visit our product page here:


"Best in Class" Acoustic Energy AE300, equivalent to AE1 Active without amps, $990 a pair from Essence, live demo by Terry Ellis. Available in Gloss White, Black, or Real Walnut Veneer cabinets. nn


Breaking News From Essence For June 2022 - Super HDMI DAC For SACD & Blu-ray; New Linear Power Supply from PLiXiR; Acoustic Energy AE100 Mk2 at $399 Sets New Bar For Entry Level Speakers -


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