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Facial Care Centre

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About :

Facial Care Centre is in the business of helping women look and feel effortlessly beautiful, undeniably ageless. Opening its first branch 30 years ago, we have since taken beauty treatments to a whole new level. Call 892-SKIN (7546) today.


Call (02) 892-SKIN (7546) or SMS/Viber: 0917 526 1254 for a FREE consultation. Facial Care Centre gives women a skin care experience like no other. Going beyond skin pampering, we believe in skin wellness, in the promise of technological breakthroughs, and in the value of exceptional service - first class all the way. Facial Care Centre's expertise guarantees a personalized skin care program based on individual skin concerns, because we know and respect that every woman's skin needs are unique. We......




Opening Hours :

Monday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM
Tuesday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM
Wednesday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM
Thursday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM
Friday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM

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Featured Articles:


To be 51 and still be fresh-faced. Lea Salonga looks forever young, thanks to her Mom’s genes and also with a little help from her Facial Care treatments like the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy. Oxycell uses pure oxygen and patented LP3 complex to infuse your skin with rehydrating, rejuvenating active ingredients, leaving it feeling baby-smooth and supple. Look instantly refreshed and well-rested. Breathe new life into your skin with the power of pure O2. DM us now to book a free consultation!#suppleskin #rehydrateskin #rejuvenateskin #FacialCarexLeaSalonga


How’s your skin doing lately? With ‘revenge travel’ in full swing, your skin might be getting affected with all the changes in temperature. nnGet a fresh glow up with Fire and Ice Facial Therapy!nnIt combines thermal and cryo therapies in 1 to give you:n✨ A collagen boostn✨ Super supple, can’t-stop-touching-it softnessn✨ Smooth, poreless skinn✨ A dewy glow that lasts for days!nnDM us now to book an appointment and get your glow ON!nn#glassskin #suppleskin #porelessskin #FacialCarexGeorgiaCrawley


Finally decided to have laser hair removal done? Be discerning about the laser you’re signing up for. Not all lasers are the same. Make sure you’re getting a REAL laser. Don’t get tempted by places that offer unlimited “laser” treatments or sell portable “laser” gadgets when in reality, these use IPL which isn’t even a laser at all and does not permanently reduce unwanted hair! Want to know more about laser hair removal? DM us now to get a FREE consultation! #hairfreeforever #permanenthairremoval #besthairremoval #LaserLightHairRemoval


With permanent hair removal, there is only one way to go – get ZAPPED with Laser. We’ve asked a Derma and she gave us the deets on why laser is superior. Watch this! Ready to upgrade to laser? Go for Facial Care Centre’s LaserLight: Permanent results, virtually ouch-free and safe for all hair types. See the difference in just a few sessions! DM us now to start your journey to fuzz-free skin! #hairfreeforever #permanenthairremoval #besthairremoval


Get the best results from your laser hair removal appointment by taking the time to do these before and after your treatment. nnSay goodbye to waxing and shaving with the most effective laser hair removal treatment in the country — LaserLight! ✨ Experience it only at Facial Care Centre. nnFurther details will be discussed by your Skin Consultant upon consultation. nnSend us a message now! 💚


Yes, we know – it’s hard to comprehend how someone has fresh-faced as Lea can be in her 50s already. The “Goddess of Musical Theatre” Lea Salonga is 51 and looking her most youthful and radiant, thanks to her mom’s youthful genes, with help also from her fave Facial Care treatments! What about you… If your skin could talk, what would it tell you? Is it already sending you an S.O.S. to give it a deep-cleansing, facial recontouring, youth-boosting sesh? Go ahead and treat your skin to the pampering it deserves. Want to experience Lea’s Facial Care? DM us here to book an appointment!#ExperienceMyFacialCare #youthfulskin #radiantskin #FacialCarexLeaSalonga


Gentle reminder for the week: Take better care of yourself too. If you’ve been dreaming of whiter, more even-toned, flawless underarms, upgrade to the laser that gets the job done. DM us today and inquire about our B-Glow Brightening Laser. #ExperienceMyFacialCare #darkareas #FacialCareisSelfCare


Sometimes, experimenting with various whitening products can yield side effects that will make your dark inner thighs and bikini area go darker. nnIf you're looking for a tried and tested way to lighten dark, blotchy areas, go with Facial Care's B-Glow Skin Brightening treatment!nnThe B-Glow laser breaks down melanin deposits and chromophores that cause dull, dark skin.nn💚 lightens arean💚 evens out tonen💚 improves texturen💚 rejuvenates skinn💚 safe for sensitive areas nnNo sting. No burning. No skin irritation. nnGet even-toned, flawless skin you’ve always wanted. Upgrade to B-glow brightening laser.nnDM us to book your appointment!nn#ExperienceMyFacialCare #skinbrightening #darkareas #FacialCareIsSelfCare


Overworked and tired? Your skin feels the stress too. Time to reward yourself and give your skin a bit more TLC–something that our daily skin care routine can't provide.nnPamper your skin at Facial Care Centre with these 2 treatments:nnStep 1: nHoney Almond Facial - gently exfoliates skin, removing deep-seated dirt and oil to keep acne at baynnStep 2:nLymphatic Drainage Detox Facial - promotes good lymphatic flow and blood circulation to restore skin's healthy glownnFor 5k only, destress and give your skin that extra love it deserves and get:nn2 Honey Almond Facials n2 Detox Facials nnDM us to book your appointment.nn#FacialCareisSelfCare #tighterskin #firmerskin #ExperienceMyFacialCare