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FaZe CBass

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Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: cbassfaze

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Who woulda thunk it


Coach & I are ready for primetime whenever you need us.nnThanks for the studio tour @sportsnet! #NHLonSN


FaZe Toronto office tour 🎥




It's not often you get to hold a piece of history... & I've done it a lot this year.


Thank you @gfuelenergy for stocking us at the Toronto office these last few months... my intern Pat has finished it all now, though. Please send more!nnThank you. #GFuel


Excited to share the news that we've opened a FaZe Clan office here in Toronto. I'm in way over my head with the process of getting us setup, but it's a blessing to be trusted with the opportunity. We have a great team here & we're only getting started.nnNow the real work begins!


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