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Like me. I'm very needy. BLOG: INSTAGRAM/TWITTER: @feralcreature

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I am incredibly excited to be partnering with @ollie again. After the recent passing of my dear sweet Tommy, I ramped up the nutrition of my remaining dogs. 🖤 @ollie provides a balanced diet for your canine friends, complete with a variety of meat options (my dogs are sensitive to poultry, so it’s beef and lamb for us!) AND the option to do fresh food, baked food, or a combination wedding of both (I do a combination, as I find it best for my dogs’ health + their desire to cronch occasionally + my wallet + space in the freezer). Keeping our furbabies healthy and happy is a priority, and @ollie makes it incredibly easy. #toknowthemistolovethem #olliepartner


One more photo and maybe a reel of this @revolve @h.ours dress and I promise I’ll stop posting it


Back in LA after two months away 😵‍💫 I told the universe I missed traveling for work and it sent me to the airport 20 times in the first 22 days of those months lmaonnSwim set: @ohpollynSunnies: @realityeyewearnScarf: Vintage


Opening night party for @wakudavegas at @venetianvegas was unlike any other—so many traditional performances blended in a modern setting with cocktails and food to die for. Wish we could do this every weekend (for Vegas locals…you can!)nnStories for more 🇯🇵nn#venetianvegas #venetianpartnernn📷: @venturetravelist


Wine down with me? 🍷 @menageatroiswinesnnBisexual + gay flag makeup looks by @ravebyrachel 🏳️‍🌈nPhotos by @rachelthalia


Happy Pride! 🌈 Today until 5 PM, catch @ogx_beauty at 316 Lafayette to get free crystal face tattoos, dry styling, and coupons against a beautiful mural by Black nonbinary artist @ggggrimes! I got space buns to prepare for a fun day out celebrating love 💞 nnThis year, @ogx_beauty is supporting @aclu_nationwide in its continued fight for LGBTQ+ rights and equality. #OGXLove #Pride #OGXpartner


HEY, GAYS. This affects you too. In a concurring opinion by Justice Clarence Thomas in today’s Roe v Wade decision, he writes that SCOTUS should "reconsider all of this Court's substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell." nnThat's contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage.nnCheck my last post and my RESOURCES highlight to see how to help out. There are marches in LA and NYC (and likely whatever city you’re in) today, see my stories for info.nnHappy Pride. We must all fight for each other. We’re all we have.


FREE EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVES - Words cannot express the dismay and grief we are experiencing right now. For all uterus-havers, Yellowhammer Fund is providing free emergency contraceptives to residents of Alabama, Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle. Each kit includes 2 per pack. Limit 1 per customer, every 3 months. Link is in my bio.nnAlso, @getstix is offering a donation program for the morning after pill they just launched. Pay what you can and get what you need.nnI literally physically cannot bring a pregnancy to term without dying or being excruciatingly maimed at best. It has been one of my most painful health problems. I had just gotten off BC, but now I’m considering getting back on. Having a uterus means being constantly stuck between a rock and a hard place regarding your health. Having a uterus means constantly being trapped in a war you never signed up for.nnLove you all. Stay strong.


HAVING ONE ACCEPTING ADULT IN THEIR LIFE CAN LOWER AN LGBTQ+ YOUTH’S RISK OF ATTEMPTING SUICIDE BY 40%. BE THAT ADULT.nnThis year, I have my nonbinary nephew (their term for their relationship to me, not mine) Josh heavy on my mind. I lost them for heartshattering reasons over the pandemic, and every day I wish I could have done so much more.nnI personally understand the sometimes unbearable depression a young queer person can feel, from all sides of the experience. Be the adult queer youth turn to, take queer mentees under your wing, volunteer at your local LGBTQ youth center, and donate to @trevorproject. Not just this month, but every month.nnDedicating this month to our sweet Josh. Fly high, little one. 🕊🌈