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Fish Breeding, Care, Collection, Engineering and Genetics Discussion Forum

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Fish Breeding, Care, Collection, Engineering and Genetics. SPECIAL NOTE : Fish keeping skills are appreciated and encouraged here whereas any kind of buy and sell activities are strictly forbidden here. Thank you.


Hello everyone, My few thoughts behind this page: I think, there is hardly any information known or available in terms of producing any fish of better quality (that is where genetics and filtration systems play important role.(so called engineering comes into picture which is handling the core of the arena) Hence, I wanted this page to serve as a via media to disseminate /share information at one place by all of us. For the same above said reasons, I wanted to draw......


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Example of a development of a strain:rnrnI do not teach you anything you say it is very easy to reproduce guppies, the difficulty arises in the form of long work of selection rigorous about improving a strain of guppies in order to participate and why not win prizes in contests. There are some basic principles to follow in order to improve a strain able to place you among the best Breeders French, Europeans see World ( That's my opinion, you're free to be against ).rnrnThe choice of F0 : Start with a good group of guppies from a breeder. Some couples from pet stores are not actually true matching pairs. The male and female then have no real connection between them. Buy by correspondence or exchanges will allow you to go on a good foundation.rnrnGet your young fish : The old males often have trouble reproducing. It's hard to swim with big fins and there is also more defects in the fry from the coupling of an old male.rnSelect Breeders Future : Play your fish, then choose one or two fish that you will use for the next generation. Improvements in line will not happen all at once, but come from many small improvements. So you need to have a plan, and keep throughout the development of the strain (eg if your guppies are too small and not colorful enough, plan x generations to improve the size, and then work on the colors). rnrnAvoid Overcrowding : The fact people too slow growth. Ten fish in a tank 50 L is truly a maximum. The best way to reach a small number of fish is used to select the best. Why try to raise 20 poor fish when you can have 10 excellent. If you give the fish instead, they can reach its maximum theoretical size. Decide in advance what you are going to work, and follow your program. If you work on the form, use the fish that has the best fit, do not suddenly change to use a fish that has a better color. And if you still want to use it start a second bin or you work on the color separately.rnrnHardCore Selection : Select only your best males and females. Do not use the first male to reach the adult stage. These males seldom reach the size of those that take longer to mature. Use the best females. I'm talking about the female that best compared to male, and not necessarily the prettiest intersect. Choosing the best male is easy, but choosing the best female requires a good knowledge of your strain. It is then not difficult to know what will bring the best male female. For this, dock each of your selected one good male females. Raising the different scopes you can compare babies, and males when they are mature. Then use the female who has produced the most beautiful.rnrnMonitor Consanguinity : I advise you to go on at least two different lines to cross from time to time. Otherwise, you could lose your strain due to inbreeding. The first signs of inbreeding are less fertile or a large percentage of defects like flippers malformed or hernias.rnrnHyper-Protein Diet : If you want your guppies grow as much as possible feed three to four times per day during the period of rapid growth, ie during the first months of life. Give babies freshly hatched Artemia nauplii and if possible to micro. Feed young with frozen brine shrimp and live food as much as possible.rnDaily Water Change : Make a partial water change once a day. The uneaten food and waste produced by the fish quickly pollute the water.rnrnKeep the Heat : Even if guppies can be kept between 18 and 30 ° C, the optimum is between 24 and 26 ° C. If you have batteries and you heat the room, place the baby in the upper rows where the air is naturally warmer. Lower rows will be cooler and this is where you can keep adults. The metabolism will slow down because of the temperature and you will have it easier to observe.rnrnMany Patience : Only 5 to 10% of the fry have the potential to be better than their parents, but it's more than enough to improve your fingertipsrnrnReference rnrnFrantz


Just check this out !nn


jarathana bezoekt guppyfarm Singaporenn


Wild guppies at Cedar Estate, Singaporenn,_Singapore


How to Breed Discus Fish - Presented by and Wetpetsnn


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