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Forever In Combat

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Listen to our NEW SINGLE 'DIVIDED' right here!

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Hey Guys!nnIn Coorporation with Merchanguys and Redfield Records we launched a new Merchstore with BRAND NEW MERCH! nClick on the link below to check it out.nn


Help us play in the Summer Breeze festival this summer!nnAll you need to do is head over to the link below and mention us in the comments! It would also help to throw a like if you see our name in the comment section already!nnTHANK YOU!nn


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!nWe had a great year 2016 where we played our first tour and released our debut album "Divide To Unite". nWe will be working on new music for you guys and we hope all of you have a great start in 2017!nLots of love:nTimo, Fredrik, Justin, Myungjae & Olli


How was christmas for everyone? Now have a great rest 2016.nn


merry christmas everyone! nnsend us a video how you are jamming "DIVIDED" with your family around the christmas tree!!nnFICnn


As some of you requested we present you the guitar playthrough of our single "Divided"!nKeep the covers coming <3nn "Divide To Unite" HERE: nBigCartel (Europe) niTunes nAmazon nGoogle


THANKS FOR 300.000 VIEWS ON LIGHTS!!nnwho is still jamming this?nn


hey guys,ncheck out our interview with FUZE Magazine !nndownload it here:n


A huge thanks to the beautiful actress Melanie from our music video to our song HOME off of our debut album "Divide To Unite"nnMerchnow (US) (Europe) nAmazon nGoogle


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