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Forum For Canadian Sovereignty

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Forum for educating and informing Canadians regarding the ceding of our sovereignty to the UN and the Sustainable Development Agenda and The Great Reset. Which is really just one and the same.


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A few people see this as “causing division”. I actually see it as a unifying moment. Most of the freedom fighters across this country agree that the planning & messaging was wrong. We’ve united 2stand against this action. Making us a very intelligent movement. Well done patriots!


Wooohoooooo!nnRest easy folks. nnYes. It’s always reassuring when the unelected unaccountable foreign global entity says the world isn’t run by an unelected unaccountable foreign global entity.


I have so much respect for these two gentlemen. Artur is an absolute warrior for good and Rob is an absolute warrior for common sense.


#2MinDrill Here’s what I believe is the solution to the mess we’re in.


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