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Fredericksburg Area RC Club

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6900 Jefferson Davis Hwy
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6900 Jefferson Davis Hwy

About :

AMA chartered club for radio control model airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft


The Fredericksburg Area RC Club is an AMA Chartered Club open to all who have an interest in the Sport/Hobby of RC flying. We take our club Motto of "Friends Helping Friends Fly" seriously. So if you are new to RC flying and need some help or if you have any questions, please contact the club vice president, Roy Wiglesworth, at 540-582-6970 or 540-424-7916. The field is private property and for the use of our Members, invited guests, and all modelers......



6900 Jefferson Davis Hwy ,VA ,22551
38.143106483794, -77.527090144931

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Parking available ,Street parking ,Valet parking
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This week we lost one of our members Gary Graham he’s a longtime member with the Fredericksburg RC club and will be deeply missednn


The friends helping friends raffle drawing


Here are the numbers that are already sold. Only 38 tickets left if anybody wants a chance at the raffle. Stop by the club or shoot a PayPal to us with your number.nnPayPal [email protected] kasey Campbell n2 Reynildo Reyes n3 Reynildo Reyes n4 Reynildo Reyes n5 Reynildo Reyes n6 Tom Nassarn7 Tom Nassarn8 Dan Hayworth n9 Tom Nassarn10 Tom Nassarn11 Glenn Vensel n12 Glenn Vensel n13 robert colen14 Dan Hayworth n15 Glenn Vensel n16 Ronnie Meauxn17 Ronnie Meauxn18 Ronnie Meauxn19 Ronnie Meauxn20 Mohamad Assaf n22 Ronnie Meauxn23 Mohamad Assaf n24 Ronnie Meauxn25 Ronnie Meauxn26 Ronnie Meauxn27 Ronnie Meauxn28 Mohamad Assaf n29 Ronnie Meaux n30 Ronnie Meaux n31 Ronnie Meauxn32 Ronnie Meauxn33 Ronnie Meauxn34 Ronnie Meauxn35 Ronnie Meauxn36 Ronnie Meauxn37 Ronnie Meauxn38 Ronnie Meauxn39 Ronnie Meauxn40 Justin Reeln41 robert winter n42 Justin Reeln43 Justin Reeln44 Justin Reeln45 Justin Reeln46 Justin Reeln47 Justin Reeln48 Justin Reeln49 Justin Reel n50 Justin Reeln51 Justin Reeln52 Justin Reeln53 Justin Reeln54 Justin Reeln55 Justin Reeln56 Justin Reeln57 Justin Reeln58 Justin Reeln59 robert winter n60 Justin Reeln61 Justin Reeln62n63n64 Mohamad Assaf n65 Mohamad Assaf n66n67n68 robert colen69 Reynildo Reyesn70n71n72n73n74n75 Mohamad Assaf n76n77n78n79n80n81n82n83n84n85n86n87n88n89n90n91n92n93n94n95n96 Mohamad Assaf n97n98n99n100 Kasey Campbell


Here are the numbers that are sold already anybody want to chance the raffle stop by the club or shoot a PayPal to us with your numbernPayPal. [email protected] kasey Campbell n2n3n4n5n6n7n8 Dan Hayworth n9n10n11n12n13n14 Dan Hayworth n15n16n17n18n19n20n22n23n24n25n26n27n28n29n30n31n32n33n34n35n36n37n38n39n40n41n42n43n44n45n46n47n48n49n50n51n52n53n54n55n56n57n58n59n60n61n62n63n64n65n66n67n68n69n70n71n72n73n74n75n76n77n78n79n80n81n82n83n84n85n86n87n88n89n90n91n92n93n94n95n96n97n98n99n100 Kasey Campbell


Thornburg citgo donated all kinds of chicken and food for lunch on the fun fly that way all donations go straight to Chris and his family everybody spread the word will be a fun day of flying plus a little bit of karaoke in the afternoon


Here’s a fun Fly that we’re trying to do to raise money for a good friend of the club everybody come out and show your support


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