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Friends of Abby Mac

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Hi, my name is Abby. I am a 10 y.o girl with Leigh's Disease. I love playing with my brother Tomas. I enjoy going to school. I love running races with Team Hoyt New England!


I may look perfectly healthy to you, but I live with a rare progressive disorder known as Leigh's Disease, which is a Mitochondrial Disease (Mito). Mitochondria exist in nearly every cell of the human body, producing 90 % of the energy the body needs to function. The parts of the body that need the most energy, such as the heart, brain, muscle and lungs, are the most affected by mito disease. As you can see this greatly impacts......


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Please keep Zoe Kavan’s family in your thoughts and prayers. Zoe lost her battle with Leigh’s disease. She was an amazing mito warrior. 💚 🙏


Abby and Tomás had a blast at the parade today. Abby especially loved the Boston Police Gaelic Column of Pipes and Drums! See video in comments.



“A growing number of scientists believe it's time to stop viewing mitochondrial health as a niche field of medicine, and make it part of everyday healthcare.”nn


Boston Marathon 2022 page is officially up! We will be doing raffles again soon at @abbymaccsrunforacure group page. If you are not a member go over and hit the like button.nn


Abby with Dr. Kinane, chief of pulmonary for MGH childrens. Fantastic fellow from Tipperary, Ireland. This was a routine visit however the timing was right. Abby had a cough all last week. Friday we brought her to her doctor for concerns of aspiration pneumonia. The weeks prior Abby had a few vomiting episodes that likely was the culprit for her pneumonia. Sure enough Abby had fluid in her upper left lung. She was started on an antibiotic which has cleared it up considerably. Dr. Kinane will put her on augmentin prophylactically during the winter months to ward off any more aspiration pneumonias.nHis office is overlooking Gillette Stadium.


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