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Friends of Jenn Kagiwada

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This page supports Jenn Kagiwada for County Council, District 2 (Hilo). We will keep you posted!



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Went by the Hilo Intermediate Band Boosters fundraiser on Saturday and had some free entertainment 👏🏽🥰


Thank you for your support Sharon (Okano) Wong and Uriel Wong!


There is a new Fraud, Waste and Abuse hotline for the County of Hawaii-if you see something that is not right, please use this anonymous tip line to “Call It Out, Call It In!” (808) 961-8386


I love talking story with Hilo residents! Like the 90 year old woman who called after receiving my mailer and wanted to discuss my unusual Japanese last name, our dogs (I have 2, she has 4), the various jobs she’s had over the years and how Hilo is a wonderful town to live in ❤️


Thank you Denise and Kiara Mazurik for your support!


Thank you Kubo Family for your support!


Mahalo to the Souza Ohana for your support!


One more reason I love Hilo!


Seems like a good bill. What do you think?


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