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Friends of Pt. Reyes Morgan Horse Ranch

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About :

The Sacramento Valley Morgan Horse Club has taken on the project of trying to save the Morgan Horse Ranch at Pt. Reyes National Seashore.

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Nice photo of front of indoor arena. Paint job looks great. Can't wait for a future trip to the Ranch and see all the updated projects. Thank you volunteers, donors and Rangers for your efforts on behalf of the Morgans.


Love this historical photo of the offspring of Morgan Horse Ranch.


Volunteer fixed broken gate at the back of the barn which had exposed bolts. Much needed and safer situation. Big Thank You.


Schooner Landing on Drakes Estero in 1900.


Birthday boy Honcho.


Happy birthday to Honcho who celebrated his 27th birthday this weekend at the Morgan Horse Ranch at another Open House. He is a favorite and survived some serious health issues in his past. May you have many more and enjoy all the love from your followers.


The local school that brought out children for last weeks open house at the Morgan Horse Ranch. There is another Open House scheduled for this Saturday. What a great sight to see this grassy picnic area full of children.


This photo was my first trip to the MHR in 2016 that started this facebook page. The last photo is what we all hoped might happen if we worked hard. A dream come true. Thanks to all who made it happen and lets keep it going.


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