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Glider for Sale Australia

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Find gliders and glider related equipment "for sale" and "wanted" in Australia in one place at no cost. Includes fullsize and quality scale R/C models.


If you have a glider or associated equipment to sell or wanted in Australia you can post an ad here at no cost, without waiting for magazines to publish. Aircraft based in Australia rarely leave Australia so publish your ad where it counts on an Australian page with only Australian aircraft. Many fullsize glider pilots are into scale R/C gliders so feel free to post these for sale here too. No junk or Chinese rubbish please. Only quality European scale aircraft......


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Know of a Libelle, Cirrus or Hornet that might be coming up for sale soon? nnWe have a few buyers ready to go! Send us a PM


JS1C-18.21m TJ - SOLD


For Sale Ilec SB8 vario as pictured. nnExcellent backup vario as extremely fast and simple to install with integrated speaker, average, audio. nn$300 including postage in Australia. Message us for more information. nnManual available here :


For Sale - Standard Cirrus VH-GOQnnWant a glider for the F1GP? Get in quickly!nn$15,500nnServiceable water ballast tanks, LX Helios electric vario, microair radio, good enclosed trailer.


News regarding!!!nnUnfortunately we have been forced to replace the classifieds pages with a replacement web-based classifieds solution.nnIf you had an ad currently displayed on, you may find it's not there anymore! Please have a look, and if you find it's missing please re-create it. Again, the URL is :nn you have any feedback or issues, please PM us, or use the contact form on!


For Sale - Grob 103nnThis beautiful Grob 103 has just returned to the sky after a lengthy complete restoration.nnThe glider was purchased as a project many years ago and has since had some minor repairs completed including a complete new paint job, brand new canopies and a completely new interior.nnTest flown in early July with a fresh Form 2. The 3000 hour inspection has also been completed.nnStandard instrument panels with a brand new dual display xcom radio. nnBuild year: 1982nHours: 3000nnAlso available with or without trailer. The trailer has also been reconditioned with a brand new floor, new wiring and lights. All new straps and carpets throughout. Fresh paint on the drawbar, door and mudguards.nnAll complete and ready to go.nn$65,000nnCall Nick on 0400386825 or email [email protected]


SOLD - DG-100 - SOLDnnVH-GME is an excellent glider for Club Class, F1GP or for the keen cross country or club pilot. It has excellent handling with excellent control authority in all axis as well as powerful airbrakes. This glider would have one of the most usable weight ranges of any glider, including a max pilot weight of 117kg. 2450 hours (550 until life extension), current annual inspection expires in December. No finish issues at all. nnIncluded :nn- Winter Mechanical Varion- LX16 Vario (with average and audio)n- Mountain High Oxyn- All Weather Coversn- Excellent Clamshell trailern- All tow out gearn- Dittel FSG-60M Radion- Flarm & LED Displayn- XCSoar on quadlock mount (very secure) with noiseless 12v to 5v converternnPrice : $16,000 ONOnnSend us an instant message for more information. Glider currently in South Australia.nnmore photos coming soon


SOLD - LS4 FOR SALE - SOLDnnComplete package with fully kitted glider, many spare parts and Cobra trailer. Nothing to fix - just go gliding. Competition ready! The only LS4 in Australia with certified AMS winglets, plus flat tips if you like.nnInstruments: 57mm altimetre, ASI, Winter Vario, LX-NAV S80, LX Nav Power Flarm, Card compass, XCom dual watch radio. 2 USB ports in the panel, Dittel Battery box with LiFePo4 battery, plus LifePo4 battery in the tail as well.nVery large 100mm certified oxygen bottle built in, easy to remove.. Mountain High EDS.nnSpares: full main wheel including drum brake and with tube and tyre. Tail wheel with tube and tyre.. Extra tubes. Wing covers, Tailplane covers, 2 x canopy covers. Tow out gear. Water ballast filling gear with stand. Various bits and pieces like trim springs etc.nn2017 Cobra trailer, with 2 spare wheels & tyres, fully fitted for LS4. Wing stand. LED lights inside.nn$50,000 - Remember it's a LS4 ... AND a Cobra trailer!nncontact seller here :nn