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Gloucestershire Real Nappy Project

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0117 914 3447
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0117 914 3447

About :

Discount vouchers, special offer packs, loan kits and talks are offered through the Gloucestershire Real Nappy Project (GRNP). Kirstie and Lucy, the Real


Gloucestershire County Council offers £30 cash to residents of the county with a child under 2 years, towards trying washable nappies.


0117 914 3447
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While Lucy's at Nappy Chat and Drop-In, Hucclecote Library this morning, Kirstie is visiting the Maternity Ward at Gloucester Royal Hospital Womens Centre nnCongratulations to all the new families and growing families! 🥰👶👶👶👶👶👶nnThis special drop-in is for parents on the ward today. You can find us in the coffee room.nnLift selfies are a thing, right? 🤣 Shame I'm all fuzzy!


Out and about at Hucclecote Library this morning for bounce and rhyme, just checking over a loan kit ready for it to be collected. There's a lot of different nappies to try out, and it's totally free to borrow for a month! Drop us a message if you'd like to borrow one.


At Longlevens library this morning for bounce & rhyme, so far I've talked night nappies and newborn options, pop along if you have any questions, I'll be here until 11.15 today!


A visit to The Keepers - Wotton Area Community Hub is always a treat! We're here once a month, so check the Events section on our page, and pop along to say hello! #realnappies #washablenappies #makeclothmainstream #councilincentive #nappyproject #GloucestershireRecycles Gloucestershire County Council


Are you having a baby at Gloucester Royal Hospital Womens Centre any time soon? 🤰🏼🤱🏽👨‍🍼👩🏾‍🍼nnLucy and I are dropping in on selected Tuesday mornings at 11. We'll be hanging out in the dining room so that you can ask us any nappy questions you might have, while you pick up your morning coffee! 🍪☕nnWe will be there on:nn2nd Augustn16th Augustn13th September n27th September n11th October n8th November n22nd November n6th December n20th December nn#realnappies #GloucesterRoyal #babycafe #gloucestermums #midwives #GloucestershireRecycles nnGloucestershire Maternity Voices nHome-Start Stroud and Gloucester Gloucestershire County Council


If you're looking for us in Lydney this morning, you can find us under a tree just behind the cafe in Bathurst Park, enjoying the lovely summer weather with Lydney Baby Group :-)


One more thought for #PlasticFreeJuly ... Here at the GRNP, we know that small changes can have a huge impact. So don't beat yourself up if you can't manage to use cloth full-time... how about starting with one a day? That's 365 a year... a big difference to your bins! Or claim your voucher pack of 5 nappies and if you just used those 5 on alternate days, washed and dried in between, that'd be a whopping 912 nappies saved!


It's Plastic Free July, you may have seen some of the posts from our lovely colleagues at Gloucestershire County Council about ways to reduce your plastic use. Our fave is obviously using cloth nappies, wipes and wet bags instead of single-ue plastic disposable nappies, wipes and nappy sacks! Did you know each baby will go through over 5000 nappies by the time they potty train? That could be over 15,000 pieces of plastic ( assuming only one wipe per change which as you know is wildly optimistic!) Or 20 cloth nappies, 30-40 cloth wipes and a wet bag that can be washed and reused for years, for multiple children.


Someone else asked me the same question this week!