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Haikyuu TV anime

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Haikyū!! (ハイキュー!!) is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate.

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Happy Haikyuu!! Day to everyone!nnAugust 19th is the official Haikyuu!! Day in Japan. Also, JUMP Youtube Channel has released a compilation video to every fans to look back on the beginning until the last chapter of the story covered by the manga.nnYou may be able to watch it here:


Haikyuu!! FINAL will be a two-part movie sequel to the last anime season.nnKick-off event will be held next year on August 2023.nnA new PV for the movie has been released along with the announcement reveal. nnSource:n


Theatrical Haikyuu returns!!!nnThe first Hinata stageplay actor, Suga Kenta will be directing the 2023 Haikyuu stageplay for the first time.nnHis video announcement is uploaded on the new official haikyuu stage twitter account:n Admin Kuri-chan


Haikyuu!! Final - Two-Part Film!nnHaikyuu Discord:


A wild timer has appeared in the Haikyuu!! website??nnAugust 13th is the date so mark your calendars!!! nnWe're hoping that this is what we have been waiting for 🙏nnSource:n


New Nendroids?!


Happy Birthday to Daichi's voice actor! n


These are so cute! nnAnime Discord:


Haikyu!! Week 2022 Visualn