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Hard Times in the Maritimes

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An overworked lower middle class security guard and a welfare bum scheme their way through life while a alcoholic nerd with an imaginary friend plots against them.


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From the same stunned arseholes who brought you Hard Times comes a new paranormal comedy film.nnLarry Strange: Paranormal Investigator will premiere on Sunday October 31st at The BMO Theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick. Tickets are $20.00nnTrailer will drop this weekend.


Dennis Trainor (Just Passing Through, Pogey Beach, Wharf Rats) as Carmen Arsenault, Murray’s older brother in Hard Times Season 4.


HARD TIMES IN THE MARITIMES UPDATEnnWe hope you've enjoyed Hard Times Season 1 & 2, Reprobate Road: A Hard Times Movie and Quarantine NB: A Hard Times Story trilogy (Season3) ! nnWriting, filming, directing and editing has been a learning curve during the development of this series. Creator Matt Copeland has only just begun what he hopes will be the beginning of something more.nnWe are currently working on Season 4 of Hard Times. We're switching things up a bit this time around. This season will consists of an undetermined number of 5-8 minute episodes/shorts. They will guest star some celebrities you probably would have never expected.nnWe're also working on a Hard Times: Reboot. nnJoining the cast this season as Murray's brother, Carmen is Dennis Trainor (Just Passing Through, Pogey Beach, Wharf Rats).nnStay Tuned!


Murray Votes PPC.


This episode was removed from communist YouTube for "medical misinformation".nnSatire is dangerous.nnSo let's try this again on RUMBLE! LOLnn


Tomorrow night at 11PM New Brunswick Time (10PM Eastern) Quarantine NB Part III: SUPERSPREADERS will premiere LIVE on YouTube. Grab your indigineous cigarettes, booze and extra buttery popcorn and come watch it with the rest of the cast before it's banned for your own safety. Because it's probably offensive and intolerant. Featuring Covid-19, the vaccinated, the unvaccinated, tinfoil hats, conspiracy theories, public safety, medical misinformation, covid fugitives and the semen retention PPC guy ;)nnStarring Matt Matthew Murray Copeland, Mark Splude John Skov-Nielsen Sara Copeland Taylor Lakeport Shane White Chad Saunders Tracey Noble Arthur Raymond Nicholas Pereira.nnBelow is a link to the channel. It will be scheduled tomorrow an hour before it starts. I will also post another link shortly before it begins.nn


Today we've completed filming Quarantine NB Part III: Superspreaders. It will be released on September 16th, 2021. Starring Mark Splude as Dennis.


Quarantine NB: A Hard Times Story Part III: SUPERSPREADERS!nnMurray: "Two weeks to flatten the curve my ass!"nnLIVE premiere September 16th, 2021. Stay tuned for timennSuperspreaders, Karens, Chads, Conspiracy theorists, Covid fugitives, anti vaxxers and public safety officers all in one show. An all new far right adventure! Bring booze and chips. Tinfoil hats recommended. Starring Matthew Murray Copeland Sara Copeland John Skov-Nielsen Taylor Lakeport Tracey Noble Chad Saunders Shane White Mark Splude


'magine. Coming soon, eh?


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