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Hattrick - The Football Manager Game

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Welcome to the world of Hattrick! If you want a team to manage, visit

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Today we launched a redesigned Player Details page, which gives a much better overview and quicker access to key info about your players. It was very well received on the forums - we hope you like it as well.nnToday we also do a new Twitch stream over at Hattrick Direct! Our guest for tonight is user Oppa-JoMar, who created the inofficial Homegrown Competion inside the Anniversary league. So far it is a huge success with more than 900 participants. nnFind out what the fuzz is all about!nn


In a few minutes (20.00 CET) we will be live with out third Hattrick Twitch-stream. Tonight the theme is CHPP, our third party developer program, and our guest is CHPP-Teles, who is admin of the prohram and also the developer of the popular HTnini mini-game! Welcome!


This is a really amazing game deal from Humble Bundle - and the best part is that 100 % of what you pay goes to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. You can name your own price as well. We never promote other companies stuff here, but this is just purely awesome and we wanted to share it. You get 125 items and pay from 40 dollars and up. No kickbacks for us. Offer closes Friday.n


Tonight at 21.00 CET (in 30 minutes) we will stream over at our Hattrick channel on Twitch. Tonight we will talk more about the Hattrick Anniversary league, for which some small changes were announced this afternoon. See you there!nn


Slovakia is the new Word Champions in Hattrick, beating Italy by 5-3 in tonight's final. The game was tight, Italy opened the scoring and was up by 2-0 after only 8 minutes, both goals by Massimiliano Mario Pacini. However, Slovakia worked themselves into the game game and managed to tie the game 2-2 by half time. When play started again, Italy again grabbed an early lead and it was only in the 75th minute that Slovakia managed to tie again, this time through an indirect free kick. nnIn the run-up to extra-time, portuguese manager Kanit0, entrusted to the job as Slovakia manager by the local community, worked his magic. Keeper Csanád Moldván made way for Sándor Kozma, and soon thereafter Italy started to show signs of getting nervous. Márk Tóth put Slovakia ahead in the game for the first time as he broke through the back four and made scoring look easy. Shortly thereafter, Italy brought on Davide Papa as a new forward, and almost immediately he had a decent chance to equalize, but it was not to be. Instead, Grygoriy Avrilenko sealed the game with the 5-3 goal with 9 minutes to go on the clock, and Italy had no energy left to get back in the game. nnIt was a well-played and close final, and even though Italy had a small edge in possession throughout, there is no question that the winners are worthy champions. We congratulate the Slovakian community and their coach for this great achievement! Kudos also to the Italians for a great campaign, led by head coach Monco-Ultras.


Happy 24th birthday, Hattrick!nnToday 24 years ago we graced the Web for the first time. Back then, Hattrick was a rather limited football manager game that closed 4-5 hours every night for the game update, orders submitted for upcoming matches were visible to all users so part of the fun was to wait until the minutes before the server closed, check what your opponent was gonna do, and then quickly change your own orders to counter his or her strategy. Then, more often than not, you would hang onto the server opening in the early morning to check the match results.nnIt was built on Filemaker, a software not at all intended for something like this, and thus could only handle a maximum of 1 700 users. But despite all those limitations, Hattrick found ways to grow and thrive, and it keeps doing so as we enter year number 25!nnA big thank you to all our users, it's your incredible community that makes Hattrick tick and which makes it worthwhile to keep working on this game!