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Heart Gallery of Illinois

(1 Rate)
3636 S Iron St.
(800) 572-2390
(1 Rate)
3636 S Iron St.
(800) 572-2390

About :

Greenlight Family Services manages the ALSI for DCFS of IL. It is the most current list of Youth in Care ready for adoption.


3636 S Iron St. ,IL ,60609
(800) 572-2390
41.82748, -87.66003

Opening Hours :

Monday: 08:30AM - 17:00PM
Tuesday: 08:30AM - 17:00PM
Wednesday: 08:30AM - 17:00PM
Thursday: 08:30AM - 17:00PM
Friday: 08:30AM - 17:00PM
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Featured Articles:


Meet Mykah...nnMykah is a bubbly and outgoing girl who is eager to find her forever family. She describes herself as funny, silly, happy, exciting, creative, caring, flexible, and good with kids. Mykah enjoys school, strives to get good grades, and her favorite subject is art. Mykah would love to become an artist when she is older and display her art in an art museum. Mykah enjoys doing hair and nails in her free time, doing crafts such as making glitter slime and painting, building with legos, and listening to worship music. She also loves playing board games such as Jenga, Sorry, Connect 4, and Checkers. Mykah frequently gets lost in a book and most recently finished all of the books in the Diary of Wimpy Kid series. She also enjoys reading about the solar system. Mykah is eager to “discover the world” and maybe even become an astronaut. Mykah has a big appetite and would love to learn how to cook. She is athletic and has a talent for gymnastics, basketball, and hip-hop dancing. She also loves playing tag and going to the playground. Mykah thinks it would be hilarious if she could ride a unicorn, surf in the ocean, and ride rollercoasters at Six Flags all in one day.nnLearn more about Mykah and view other children in the heart gallery here:


Meet Madeline...nMadeline is a fun-loving girly girl. She is into fashion, hair, and make-up. Some of her favorite activities include swimming, dancing, playing charades, and going bowling. Active and full of energy, Madeline enjoys being outdoors especially playing at the park with peers and going to amusement parks. In her free time, she listens to music, watches cartoons, and likes to nap. Madeline enjoys listening to Drake, Rhianna, and Kids Bop. Her favorite cartoon characters include Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty. Madeline desires to become a baker with her specialty being Red Velvet and Chocolate Cake. Madeline wants to gain more experience in baking as she only has baked boxed cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.nnLearn more about Madeline and view other children in the heart gallery here:


Meet Timajion…nTimajion is a loving child, who is active and likes having fun and being silly. He has a wide variety of interests and likes playing and watching sports. His favorite sports are basketball, baseball, and football. Timajion is very social and enjoys spending time with his peers. When he is not hanging out with friends, he collects Beyblades, builds with Legos, and battles it out with video games. Timajion is always ready for a game of laser tag and driving bumper cars. He looks forward to shopping trips and has a passion for shoes. He is described as kindhearted and courteous towards others. Did I mention Timajion has a love for animals? Although he would prefer a canine companion, he also likes cats.nnLearn more about Timajion and view other children in the heart gallery here:


Meet Shantise...nThis delightful young lady is shy upon your first encounter with her but is engaging and polite when she warms up to you. Shantise is passionate about the creative arts of dance and music. Shantise specifically likes to express her artistry through the hip-hop musical genre and in her free time she makes Tik Tok videos while doing so. In the past, Shantise has showcased her dance skills in local talent shows. Shantise draws inspiration from social media influencers and artists alike. Some of her favorite artists include Beyonce, Ashanti, and Amerie.nnLearn more about Shantise and view other children in the heart gallery here:


Meet Chloe…nChloe is a very active young lady who enjoys sports, especially volleyball and track. In her spare time, Chloe enjoys making things via arts and crafts…she is very creative. She likes a good book, makeup, and nails. Chloe enjoys helping around the house and does a good job with her assigned chores. Did I mention Chloe loves going to church and is very involved with her church community?nnLearn more about Chloe and view other children in the heart gallery here:


Meet Nicholas...nNicholas gets great joy out of being helpful and doing chores around the home. He especially loves vacuuming and hopes to have his very own vacuum one day! Nicholas likes to be outside and do yard work and water the plans. He also enjoys helping in the garage and building things. Nicholas is very open when it comes to trying new foods and activities. His favorite food is oatmeal, which he eats every day for breakfast. Nicholas is trying to eat healthier and likes fruit, yogurt, and crackers. When it comes to activities, Nicholas recently tried skating for the first time, and it has become a new favorite of his. He also has fun flying his toy helicopter, playing with toy cars, riding his scooter, and riding go-karts. Nicholas has gone camping before and would love to go again. nnLearn more about Nicholas and view other children in the heart gallery here:


Meet DariannnDarian is a lover of fossils, gems, and crystals so it’s no surprise he wants to be a geologist when he grows up. He is proud of his gem collection and could read books on gems and rocks all day. Darian’s dream day would include going to a place with the most gems and fossils in the world and going on a dig. Darian likes watching the St. Louis Cardinals and thinks it would be fun to go to his first game. Darian enjoys working outdoors, such as helping with the garden and using his hands and mind to build things. Art is Darian’s favorite subject in school and his favorite type of art is coloring with his colored pencils. He likes to take pictures of his rocks and dogs. Darian describes himself as a good friend who is also funny. He is proud of his Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Minecraft skills. He is also very good at magic tricks. He has seen all the Harry Potter movies and knows many spells.nnDarian is described as an affectionate, helpful, creative, and inquisitive boy who likes to interact with others and enjoys a feeling of belonging. He enjoys giving hugs and cherishes one on one time. He might be bashful when first getting to know new people but becomes very active and engaged after a relationship has formed. He is very loyal and takes pride in his personal possessions.nnDarian states that he would like a family that would accept him and loves him. He thinks it would be cool if the family has similar interests as him, such as collecting and learning about fossils and gems. He would also like a family that enjoys taking photos because that is one of his favorite pastimes.nnLearn more about Darian and view other children in the Heart Gallery of Illinois here:


Kamariye is a very happy and sociable young boy. He loves to be the center of attention and has a smile that will brighten a room. He loves to listen to music and watch the Disney Channel. Kamariye’s favorite Disney character is Mickey Mouse; and his face lights up with joy when Mickey is on the screen. Kamariye enjoys attending school and participating in group activities. His teacher says: “Kamariye is always happy; loves to be with his peers; and is a joy to have in the classroom”. He loves affection to be shown with hugs and interactive play. Kamariye’s forever family must be willing to ensure he has the services needed to succeed as well as love and support him.


Meet RodneynnRodney is friendly and polite. He has a wonderful smile and he likes to meet new people. He enjoys going to the park and playing on the swings and slide. Rodney is a very active child and he likes to ride his bike, watch cartoons, sing, dance and climb trees. Rodney is athletic and enjoys any outdoor activity like pumpkin patches, apple picking, playing in the snow, taking walks, and foot races. His favorite foods are chicken nuggets and fries. Rodney’s favorite toys includes anything dinosaur related.nRodney likes pets.nnRodney enjoys school and works hard academically. He is well liked at school by his teachers and peers. He plays well and gets along with others.


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