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Highend Broker

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About :

The Highend Broker is a professional European company founded in 2002. With over a 1000 satisfied customers in more than 50 countries worldwide we have established a name in the high-end audio market We carry a wide range of quality audio products.


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We are excited to offer for every analogue music lover a real high end Van Den Hul MC phono cartridge for a low end price. It is the legendary Frog Silver cartridge. Latest model upgraded with matched silver crystal coils. An output of 0,85 mV measured at 5.6 sec/cm makes it an outstanding cartridge for nearly all MC phono amplifiers and amplifiers with a phono pre built in. This cartridge will work very good in light weight to medium mass tonearms. Recommended is an effective arm mass between 6 and 15 gram. This cartridge has the exclusive details of the more expensive Grasshopper series, the one of a kind special shape VHH-1 stylus. The sound is very detailed and open with a nice three dimensional picture. It is a cartridge that will bring joy for many years and always can easily be re-tipped. However the first 4000 hours, don’t think about it. nBecause this cartridge has never been used, the new owner will need to burn it in for at least 200 hours. Fun of this is, that it will sound better with every record. nNormally this cartridge will cost about 2200 Euro. We offer this one only for 1475 Euro. nWe offer worldwide shipping at your choice and we are always available to give answers to your questions and will give advise when needed.



We are excited to offer a beautiful hand made Van Den Hul The Colibri XGW Stradivarius cartridge. Recently made for a collector who never used it. He decided to upgrade to a Grand Cru and asked us sell it. This legendary high end MC cartridge is built in Koa wood body, well known for the acoustical quality. The body is treated with the special Stradivarius lacquer and has an output of 0,38 mV, measured at 5.6 sec/cm. All used parts are premium and one of a kind. The famous Van Den Hul-1S needle will last at least 4000 hours and can always easily be replaced at low costs. With Van Den Hul cartridges no expensive replacement offer but a low cost original replacement. Therefor you will have a cartridge for many years to come. Ask the owners of 25 years old Colibri’s. They still enjoy it every day. nIf you've never heard a Colibri play an LP, you'll be stunned. The transparency, dynamics and natural sound is so overwhelming compared to many other elements that many say they are rediscovering their record collection.nRead the many reviews that can be found and put it to the test.nNormally this element costs about 7800 Euro. We offer these for the price of 3050 Euro. Of course with warranty.nThe element comes with a mini spirit level for perfect fine adjustment and the special anti-magnetic mounting bolts.nWe recommend a medium to medium weight tonearm, effective mass 8-16 grams.nDuring the break-in period, a tracking force of 1.5 grams that can be reduced to 1.3 grams over time, depending on your preference. Anti-skating approx. 0.3 grams.nInstallation and adjustment is also fairly simple.nWe can ship worldwide with PostNL or fast courier service.


We are excited to offer you a beautiful new Van Den Hul the Frog Gold MC cartridge. A world famous hand made cartridge with 24 k gold coils. It can be used in a great variety of tone arms and connected with many phono amps. With 0,85 mV output you always have sufficient gain on your MC input. Packed in a nice wood box with non magnetic bolts and a mini spirit level for fine tuning. Full warranty. Retail about 3000 Euro.nNow limited available for only 1800 Euro. Worldwide shipping possible.


For sale a M2Tech Joplin III Analogue-To-Digital Converter in very good condition incl original package, remote and powersupply.n.nnPriced at the Highend Broker 1200 euro


Recently sold a new pair Nagra HD amps for a special export price of 48000 euro.


For sale an ex demo pair Gammut Zodiac in light oak in great conditionnnPriced at the Highend Broker 61500 euro export price or 74415 euro* when sold inside the eu. (we have alos a pair in black available, contact us for more details about the black pair)


For sale a demo pair Avantgarde Trio Luxory Edition in mint condition, used for max 20h, they are from November 2021.nnPriced by the Highend Broker for 64000 euro export price or 77440 euro* when sold inside the eu..


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