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Hiresphile audio

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Non-commercial magazine with newest high-end audio technologies, high-end audio equipments and listening rooms, many audio setups for audiophiles. No ads nor promotion are allowed in this page. Audio is lifetime hobby for men.


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A lot of high performance, high end setups in Munich High End 2022…


An "Elegant" room is not the right word to express the luxury, it should be called ultrahighend "extravagant" home theatre nnThe Setup is a private room in HCMC, with full Gryphon gears (Pandora & Mephisto driving Kodo spk) with Zensati cables.


Magico M9




Never too late to learn how to build or upgrade your music roomnn


Take a look at this setup! MBL 116 F speakers driven by our reference AW 600 «NEMO» Monoblocks, EC 4.8 Preamp and EMC 1UP CD player. Photo by: 풀레인지


Looking for RMAF2022? Maybe there will be no RMAF any more!


Some great setups by DSaudio


Here is how audiophiles built their listening rooms!nn


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