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Hmong Custom Clothes

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We sell traditional and modern Hmong clothes, including accessories. Visit our website:

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Parking available ,Street parking ,Valet parking
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Welcome! All prices mentioned will still be the same until next Thursday. Feel free to message us if you’re interested! After next Saturday, we’ll have everything post on our website.


New Hmong Leeg outfit now available!nHmongCustomClothes.comnAvailable colors: green, purple and bluenUse code: Labor10 nFor 10% off, only today and tomorrow!


Silver qwj velvet fabric Noob Ncoos size medium 38”. Available on our website


Noon Ncoos Velvet rainbow qwj now available on our website. Size 34”, 38”, 40”, 42” available.


If you love the color yellow, hi!nUnfortunately this was the only one we made and it’s a size medium 38”. It’s up on our website now for purchase 💛details and price are all on the website! HANDMADE!


Just add a few of these Noob Ncoos outfit on the website! Grab them while they’re still available. Size small 35”-XL 42” only. Beautiful handmade!nDetails and price are all on our website


Hmong Xeev outfit are now available on our website! Get them while they’re still available.nUnfortunately size 40” will be post late, fabrics will be a little different. Thank you! 🥰


Here’s a closer look of this outfit. All handmade patterns. Pajntaub mos with black trim, Size small 36” available on our website now. There are two small of this style but patterns are slightly different. 😊


Size medium 38" now available on our website! =) Don't forget FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $120+


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