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Hophong vietnamese dishes

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Homemade food

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📌Grilled Pork Chop with Fried Eggs and Shredded Pork Rice 😍😘😘n📌 Cơm sườn nướng bì trứng nhà làm hương vị đậm đà đây cả nhà ơi 🇻🇳💕n📌 Price: $14/plate (soup is already included) nDM if you’re interested ❤️n#yeg #yegfood #homecooking #edmonton


📌 Just a friendly notification that our Vietnamese style chicken rice is available on Thursday 18 June. n📌 Price: $12/plate (soup on the side already included 😜)


📌 Bún mắm for today 🇻🇳🥰


📌 Bún mắm Miền Tây ngon đậm đà. n📌 Vietnamese Seafood Gumbo 🥰💕🇻🇳n📌 Price: $12/bowl (veggies are already included)nDM if you’re interested 💕🇻🇳


📌 #Vietnamese style chicken rice n📌 DM if you’re interested 💕💕🥳


📌Bánh Cống - Vietnamese Fried Prawn Cake is one of the best signature dishes. n📌Price $2.50/cake n📌PM for order


📌Crispy Vietnamese Pancake with Shrimp, Pork and Bean Sprout with Mung Bean 🇻🇳😎n📌Bánh xèo nhà làm giòn thơm nhân tôm, thịt, giá và đậu xanh 💕💕😝n📌Price: $7.50/pcs


📌Vietnamese Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk and Homemade Coffee Whipped Cream. n📌Price: $5.50/cup


📌Yummy homemade steamed thin rice pancakes with coconut and mung beans 😎


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